Saturday, January 12, 2008

Spring 2008 Shoe Trends: Runway Redux

The runway shoe styles were so many and varied that it was no easy job to draw clarity from it. These are the strongest Spring 2008 shoe trends, as I see them:

1. Architectural Heels

Wood, metal, lucite — chunky, funky, cone, you name it. If it looks like an architect or carpenter was anywhere near the shoe, you'll want it for spring.



Roberto Cavalli

Dolce & Gabbana

2. Two-Tone and Spectator

Two-tone, multicolor, and spectator are still going strong.


Alexander McQueen


Marc Jacobs

3. Ankle Strap, T-Strap, Mary-Jane, Cross-strap

Straps, straps, all straps. This trend is heating up even more, and the strap options are getting even more creative.


Miu Miu



Dolce & Gabbana

Donna Karan

4. Unusual, Weird, and Funky

If unique-looking, strange, or art shoes toot your horn, this spring is your golden time. The weirder and more off-beat the shoe the better!

Marc Jacobs

Alexander McQueen


Miu Miu

Other Trends: Oxfords (brogues) are still in, as are platform pumps; Croco and animal prints are still warm, but moving out; patent and satin are still in, fabrics getting stronger moving towards the summer; black, yellow, pink, white, and neutral (beige) are the most popular colors; in patterns, polka-dot and flowers will creep in slowly as Spring advances.

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G.G. said...

P.S. Wendy, I was thinking about you especially, when I got to #4.

Jo said...

Wow, those Gucci's are amazing, I can't stop looking at them.

WendyB said...

But fish feet are much more beautiful than those Marc Jacobs uglinesses. I love the Prada flower heels.

Miss Halfway said...

The Marc Jacobs ones really throw me off; I just.. I don't know, they're a little too strange for me. All the others are beautiful though, Chanel never disappoints!

Pomegranate and Patchouli said...

How on Earth am I supposed to stand in those Marc Jacobs things? Its like she's on tiptoes!

I adore the Chanel ones. But definitely no thick architecture or block heels, and absolutely NO weird ones.

Dharma Designs said...

Sure wish I could wear heels, but it's Danskos for this girl. :-)

bitterbabe said...

I absolutely love this post. I am going to link to it - hope that's okay! Thanks!

G.G. said...

Wendy - I think the fish feet will fit right in this spring.

I think the MJs are ugly too, though I would give him points for creativity. P & P -- the sole is hard as a rock, they don't feel any different from wearing any other heel actually. They're not for me, but I'm sure they have their market :)

Chanel really outdid themselves (and that's saying something) this spring. I would wear just about all of the shoes in their show (go check it on

Bitterbabe, thanks, I'm honored :)

alexgirl said...

I'm too busy being in AWE to write anything clever.
I remember when I first saw those Marc Jacobs shoes, and i was speechless. Does it make me uncool if I totally do NOT understand those shoes? They're crazy!
But i love the Gucci's with the ankle strap and the D&G ankle boots. Gorgeous!!!

FoxyRoxy said...

These shoes are hot

Research papers said...

Amazing! Look at it! This is a fantastic collection. I love all these shoes which are looking fabulous with the studs.

Eric said...

I'm surprised the model in the McQueen heels made it down the runway. Some are great, some are just too strange.

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Oh I'm a high-heeled shoes lover! hehe, so I love all of those designs. In the architectural heels my favourite was the Dolce & Gabbana's design! In the second part "Two-tone and spectator" I loved the Alexander McQueen's design, the fuscia combines perfectly with the black colour!
In the third part "Anke strap, T-stra, Mary-Jan, Cross-strap" I prefer the Gucci style! It was really beautiful! And in the last category the "unusua, weird and funky" I really liked the Prada's design, those colours are really cool!

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