Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Mysterious Absence of G.G. Explained

Hello Glam Girls,

I'm sorry for my sudden and unexplained absence.

Short Explanation:
I was kidnapped by Johnny Depp in pirate gear.

Oh no, wait, that was the dream I had last night.

Long Explanation:
An LA friend of mine is making his own indie film in Mexico right now with his girlfriend in the lead role. Her grandfather passed very suddenly, and they were really close, so she of course dropped everything and flew home to her family. Indie films usually have very small budgets, so pushing filming was not an option. He called me and said, "Hey, can you be on a plane tomorrow and be ready to film the day after?"  We actors rarely say no, so up and away I went. The shoot schedule was hectic, 14-16 hr days, which left me time to... grab food, study lines, and go unconscious for a few hours before doing it again the next day. I had brought my laptop with me, but something was wrong with the power source.

I'm sorry for disappearing from the face of the earth like that. Thank you for your comments and queries lamenting my absence, I was really touched! I'm back, and I'll promise extra posts to make up to you.


Pic from The Pin-Up Files


mllink said...

Welcome back! I adore and appreciate indie actors, because they work so hard for so little. Maybe one day you can be in one of my films.

G.G. said...

Thanks M! Like I said, we actors rarely say no :D

Lydia said...

Glad you're back!! I was really missing my GLAM fix!!

the princess said...

glad you are back. i was in need of a glam fix.

Miss Halfway said...

Yay, you're back! My withdrawals are over! :D

WendyB said...

Sorry about your friend. Glad you jumped at the opportunity though, even if you left us without warning :-)

Flair said...

So glad you are BACK!!

shoeaddict said...

Missed you!

Brittany said...

Finally ( : we all missed you! I did not know what to do without the daily posts. Without you, GG, I am lost!