Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Juliette Binoche is Lancôme's New Brand Ambassador

Lancôme announced today that Juliette Binoche is the new face of Lancôme's Rénérgie skincare line. Binoche, the gorgeous French actor whose credits include Chocolat, Kieslowski's Three Colours series, and an Oscar-winning performance in The English Patient, first joined Lancôme in 1995 as the face of the fragrance Poême.

"It is an immense pleasure for us to welcome Juliette Binoche back to Lancôme," says Lancôme International President Odile Roujol. "Her career choices, her natural and moving beauty, her independent spirit and generosity epitomize the values essential to our brand."

The advertising campaign, set to launch later this year, is created and photographed by Nick Knight. Knight is an award-winning fashion and editorial photographer, who has shot everyone from David Bowie to Kate Moss, and whose work has been exhibited in art museums such as the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Brilliant move on the part of Lancôme, if you ask me. Any product that makes me think I'll wake up looking like Juliette Binoche is sure to be on my shopping list!

Photo: SoFeminine.co.uk


Bianca said...

Hey u have a great blog. Would u like to link?

mzchief said...

Her film "The Horseman on the Roof" is one of my all time favourite flicks.

Stephanie Boyle said...

Great blog! I love coming to it to read your new posts. Keep up the great work!