Thursday, January 10, 2008

Glamorate It: Weekly Red Carpet Review

I'm still reeling from the fact that the Golden Globe Awards show was cancelled! I tried explaining it to Glam Boy, that the Globes are like my Play-Offs, and the Oscars my Super Bowl. If the Oscars get cancelled, I'm throwing a fit the likes few have ever seen!!!

Here are the latest looks from red carpets and award shows:

Kyra Sedgwick, 5 Jan 2008
Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards

Kyra Sedgwick looks glamorous and polished in this red and black 1950's style Oscar de la Renta dress. Hair, makeup, accessories all very elegant.

Halle Berry, 5 Jan 2008
Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards

Halle is ravishing in this 1920's Temperley London minidress. Talk about a yummy mommy!

Drew Barrymore, 5 Jan 2008
Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards

I adore Drew, but I'm only lukewarm over this Gucci dress — for some reason the green strap makes it look like she's got a political rally sash on. Hair is waaaay too schoolmarmy, like she's about to star in a film about the Brontë sisters, and red lipstick would have gone nicely here with the Louboutins, tied the look together.

Amy Adams, 6 Jan 2007
New York Film Critics Circle Awards

She is altogether lovely. Her hair and makeup suit her well, and the bare back gives her a bit of flirt.

Katie Holmes, 7 Jan 2008
Critics' Choice Awards, L.A.

"Friends, Romans, countrymen!"
Note to Lanvin:

It was a toga in 300 BC, it's a toga today; I don't care how many crystals you sew on it. Moreover, Katie is a young woman, why has she started dressing 20 years older than her age — for once, we have a case of lamb dressing up as mutton!

Marion Cotillard, 7 Jan 2008
Critics' Choice Awards, L.A.

Cotillard looks superb in this 1920s dress. Hair, makeup, shoes. Vive la France!

AnnaSophia Robb, 7 Jan 2008
Critics' Choice Awards, L.A.

Little AnnaSophia is blooming into a lovely young woman! Great look all around.

Amanda Bynes, 7 Jan 2008
Critics' Choice Awards, L.A.

This outfit is entirely too casual for the occasion — beach party in Miami, sure, not a black tie event. Also, fake tanner much?

Katherine Heigl, 7 Jan 2008
Premiere of 27 Dresses, L.A.

Gorgeous Bill Blass dress, great Jimmy Choos. Makeup is perfect, but the hair is too high for her face, elongating it further.

Jessica Stam, 8 Jan 2008
Repetto's 60th Anniversary Traveling Exhibition

Jessica Stam rarely looks less than a perfect ten, and this was no exception. Little silver Twenties' mini dress with black ruffles, beautifully accessorized.

Photos: WireImage


bitterbabe said...

I love your blog! Do you want to trade links?

Elisabeth said...

I have to say, none of them really grabbed my eye.

Some nice dresses, but nothing really fabulous.

I voted for Drew Barrymore 'cause she's such a cutie!

G.G. said...

Bitterbabe - sure, would love to! Lemme gather my wits first, who KNOWS how the link would read if I were to do it right now :P

Elisabeth - I love Drew too :)

constant_drama said...

Oh Marion's dres....I covet theeeee.....

WendyB said...

Kyra is my favorite. She just needs a riding crop to make it perfect. Kidding! I really love that dress.

KT said...

Marion's hemline with one knee showing is odd to me. Knee's are on of those things that are hard to make look flattering, like an elbow. Love your blog! It's helped me part with money and fill my closet!

Pomegranate and Patchouli said...

Jessica Stam, Jessica Stam!! WOW!