Monday, January 28, 2008

Glamorate It: SAG Awards Red Carpet Review

Alright, it's time! I have to say I was delighted with the dresses, most of them. Only one or two outright misses, the rest of them were varying levels of great. I know! How often do you hear me say that?! Not judging hair this time, because there was a steady drizzle, which can't be held against any Glam Girl. I kept the pics small for space, so clickety to biggety:

Jane Krakowski
♦ Worst in Show ♦

I hated this when I saw it in the Malandrino collection (otherwise mostly lovely) in September, and it certainly has not improved with time. Color, shape(lessness), material, and that horrid dimestore pompom decoration cause me aesthetic violence. Ugh!

Ellen Pompeo

What an amazing silver crushed silk velvet gown! Pictures don't do it justice — you had to see it move like liquid!

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale looked like a Southern belle in this canary yellow Luisa Beccaria gown. I was a bit distracted by her over-botoxed, unmoving face, but she still looked great.

Kyra Sedgwick

Kyra Sedgwick has certainly stepped up her game in the past few years. This electric blue L'Wren Scott creation gives her an amazing hourglass shape and is a great color on her. I wasn't crazy about the lace train (which you can't really see in this pic), but ah well.

Rebecca Gayheart

Red is a great color for Rebecca Gayheart, and I love the top part of this Marchesa gown. But. I don't like the ruffles flaring out from the waist. Also, red is A) so last season and B) drowned in the red of the carpet.

Glenn Close

Go Glenn Close! She looked amazing in this pale Venice blue Armani gown. Her hair (even rain included!) was great for her face. Talk about pulling off glamour at any age!

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett looked fabulous in this strapless embroidered silk Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière gown. Proving that pregnant can be stunning (take a note, Angelina)

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate à la Carole Lombard, channeling Old Hollywood in a bejeweled silk Elie Saab gown. Props for the makeup!

Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher looked queenly in this Badgley Mischka gown, which was a muted watercolor floral silk. Well done.

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh's dress was done by a seamstress-turned-designer in L.A.'s Korea Town. Vaguely reminiscent of the 1983 Yves Saint Laurent gown, but I must say this particular boob bow dress didn't do much for me.

Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer's midnight blue silk satin Collette Dinnigan gown didn't necessarily pop on the red carpet, but did you see it on stage under the lights? Beautiful on her, and a great improvement over her Emmy Awards dress.

Rebecca Romijn

Does a woman get much more gorgeous? Romijn is a knockout in anything, and in a particularly Cat on a Hot Tin Roof kind of way in this stunner from Roberto Cavalli.

Vanessa Williams

This banana yellow Escada gown just somehow didn't work. Cut too low for Vanessa in the front, I think. Not a bad show by any means, but she's looked better.

America Ferrara

America Ferrara's makeup and hair were perfect, and she again chose a Monique Lhuillier dress to wear. She was beautiful, but I felt the color was too wan for her both her skintone and her sparkling personality. Gray lace just should be left to matrons, not worn by Hollywood PYTs (Pretty-Young-Things).

Becky Newton

Becky Newton's layered Elsie Katz gown is very 1930's, but it was a bit drab for the red carpet. Perhaps showier accessories could have brought the volume up a bit. Still a very tasteful choice and a good show.

Debra Messing
♥ Best in Show ♥

Pure brilliance by Oscar de la Renta! Remember how I said in September that I thought Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett would be fighting over who got to wear this. Both ladies are pregnant, so kudos to Debra Messing for snapping it up. She looked every bit the glamorous goddess in this. Now that's what a star looks like!

Ok, those were my two cents. Due to the number of ladies in this Glamorate, a poll would be tough, so sound out your best and worst picks in the comments. I'd love to hear what you thought ♥♥♥

Photos: WireImage


Joanna Goddard said...

kate beckensale always looks so stunning! her dress was beautiful. but yikes, that bow on sandra oh? not awesome.

thanks for the great round-up!

Padma said...

i also liked Marcia Cross's dress. She looked pretty stunning.

Ginevra M. said...

I loved Jenna Fischer's gown--the detail on the halter and bust was so gorgeous, and I thought she looked great on-stage when she gave the acceptance speech on behalf of The Office.

Kate Beckinsale's gown was pretty, but her hair distracted me completely, especially when she was on-stage presenting.

And I love Glenn Close! I didn't get to see her dress up close because I saw the rebroadcast later in the evening, but she looks lovely. She and Helen Mirren have got age appropriate award show chic down (most of the time).

WendyB said...

Lots of pretty dresses but nothing I would be dying to own. Except the boob bow dress, of course! Not only do I like boob bows, I LOVE traditional Korean dresses. Also, Debra Messing looks wonderful.

Miss Halfway said...

Ellen Pompeo, Kate Beckinsale, Christina Applegate, and Debra Messing looked the best, IMO.
Sandra Oh's dress looks like a Halloween costume to me. Like, prom gone bad or something haha.

I've got to say, I started tearing up big time when they showed Heath Ledger during the In Memory of part. Sooo sad...

Lydia said...

I thought that Jane's intro at the beginning of the show showed the colors in that wierd dress were more vivid that the TV showed. But it was still BAD. I thought Rebecca Romijn looked GREAT and her intro was hilarious! I give Sandra Oh props for trying - and giving a new local designer some fame (even if everyone didn't love it!) All in all - I thought everyone looked pretty FAB. (Even if Jane and Angelina's dresses were ugly) I didn't think anyone was a COMPLETE train wreck!

Flair said...

Sandra Oh's dress = worst dress for me.

I love Christina Applegate and Rebecca Romijn - they both look gorgeous!

bitterbabe said...

Vanessa williams was smoking!

Libertygirl said...

Brilliant round up sweetpea. LLG xx

Elisabeth said...

I feel bitchy again today and not many really appealed to me.

America Ferrara's dress was lovely and sublte, and her hair and makeup lovely.

And nice job Debra Messing

But I have to disagree with you about Cate Blanchett - I thought she looked like a giant, floral tent!

Ryan & Teandra Everett said...


Shemah said...

I thought Angelina's dress was horrendous. Jane looked a tad tacky. Vanessa reminded me of Bumblebee from Micheal Bay's Transformers.

My fave picks would have to be the Monique Lhullier dress.. America and Marcia looked gorgeous. Kate Beckinsale rocked the canary look. And Debra Messing's dress was AMAZING! Two thumbs up. (Didn't quite like her hair, though.

Anyways, great review! Cheers!


LipSmacker said...

Wow, some big hits and big misses this year... I think we are all so starving for a real red carpet that we may have over-voted for a few, but it comes down to Sandra Oh - OH SANDRA! What are you doing!!! Someone get that girl a mirror....

BTW - great blog! I LOVE your witty comments on the "stars"! :)

Amanduh said...

Are you girls that sheltered? Sandra Oh's dress was a wonderfully modernized rendition of the traditional Korean Han-bok, a formal gown. You girls think you're into fashion, and sure. But learn some culture first. That's where fashion gets most of its inspiration. That Yves Saint Laurent gown was inspired by the Japanese obi.

I loved Teri Hatcher's print and how she didn't over do it with a necklace. Keeping her neck bare was the best move.

My worst was Jane Krakowski's also. Everything went wrong, from color, material, and shape.

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