Thursday, January 3, 2008

Blair's Lingerie in Gossip Girl "Roman Holiday"

Glam Girl Brittany wrote, asking about Blair's lingerie in the Gossip Girl Christmas episode. The red polka dot babydoll is from Victoria's Secret (shop it). The long lace sleeve robe Blair wore on an early episode as well, and I have a niggling feeling it was Oscar de la Renta, but I'm not positive. Here are two alternatives you might consider:

Jonquil "Jenna" Long Robe
$203 Saks

Fantasy Lingerie
"Delicate Trousseau"
$39.95 Advantage Bridal

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Photo: CW


Kaye said...

Oh, I just love the polka dots! If only VS had a store in Australia. And a robe like that will make me feel decadent I swear, because I'd feel like I should be lying around at home sipping martinis all day!

constant_drama said...

VS doesnt have a store in Malaysia either. Discrimination!!!

Elisabeth said...

Polka Dots = super cute!

G.G. said...

Yeah, she's going to be wearing more polka dots in the coming episodes, and from looking at the SS08 collections, I think by summer polka dots will have made a ferocious comeback.

Anonymous said...

i would love if you could find blair's outfit from "seventeen candles". I LOVE IT, i think it's valentino's but i couldn't find it in valentino's home page

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