Thursday, January 3, 2008

Blair's Lace Stockings in Gossip Girl

Episode 9, "Blair Waldorf Must Pie"

In almost every episode of Gossip Girl, Blair wears a pair of gorgeous lace stockings or pantyhose and my inbox floods with queries. I thought I'd take care of them all at once :) Here is some hosiery for your "Blair necessities":

Leg Avenue
Bow Lace Stockings
$3.95 Amazon

Jonathan Aston Fleur Tights

Rhapsody Net Tights
$52 Bare Necessities

Wolford Herringbone Tights
(sold out in the US)
£17.50 Figleaves UK
£25 Wolford Boutique, UK

Le Bourget
Dentelle Lace Tights

Le Bourget
Tulle Plumetis Tights



Elisabeth said...

Wowzer, some very gorgeous hoisery there...

I love the third pair down.... miaow!

G.G. said...

Oh me too, but they're out of my size already *sigh* I did buy the first pair... I mean $3.95, how can you go wrong :P

Sherry said...

I love all your Gossip Girl posts, since I ADORE Blair's wardrobe :D

I just hate ordering online, since S&H is outrageous to Canada (if they ship at all :P)

Kat said...

Tights can make or break an outfit but when good, like these are, they can be fabulous!

Valley Girl said...


Anonymous said...

I was really excited about the first pair. Unfortunately, the link leads to a listing for male sex toys. O_o

Anonymous said...

Oh, I really wants that dress Blair is wearing... where can I find??

Anonymous said...

I got linked to that male sex toy thing, too.
Here's the correct link

Anonymous said...

Lace & patterned tights just aren't as sexy as sheer. Take it from a leg-man.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that we agree with ya'll. We gentlemen (and not so gentle ones) adore all of you lovely Ladies in such alluring Hosiery. Especially the high quality / up$cale Silky Pantyhose.
Not only do they really complete your outfit, but they compliment your Legs and overall shape. And really adds that something special, glamorous and obviously Sexy!
(We may be too 'shy' to admit it to you at 1st, but yes, most all of us are going ga-ga for you in seductive Pantyhose!)

Anonymous said...

I think hosiery adds to an outfit, but why is the Wolford brand so expensive?

Anonymous said...

luv the tights and pantyhose featured here and more so the sheer skin tones. someone asked why wolford's are so expensive- you really do get what you pay for. you may want to try peavy, donna karan, platino or calvin klein.

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