Sunday, January 6, 2008

Afford-a-Glam -- Endless Shoes Under $50

I've been a bad bad bad bad girl. I was weak! I couldn't help myself. The deals at Endless are DELIRIOUS. I bought... several pairs. Look at the prices, can I really be blamed! I move that you, my fellow Girls-in-Glam, acquit me and return the verdict of "Not Guilty by Reason of Sale", how's about it?

$44.89 Nine West 'Jemlet'

$43.42 Kenneth Cole REACTION
'So Rich' Peep Toe Pump

$44.98 Steve Madden 'Richh'

$37.98 Two Lips 'Trinity'

$39.48 Nine West "Herde"

$19.98 Not Rated 'Shopaholic'

$19.98 Not Rated 'Shopaholic'

$24.48 Nina Dolls 'Julie'

$23.89 Naughty Monkey 'Very Star'



WendyB said...

The heart print reminds me of a pair of Moschino shoes I wanted so badly a few years ago. I can't remember if I never found them in my size or never found them at all. Hmm.

Lys said...

How can you be guilty when those are fabulous finds. I move to acquit!

constant_drama said...

Why God?? Why?!! Why must there be such things as currency exchange that when you convert it to my currency, its still kinda pricey.

Why God? Why do you tease me so?

***sorry, had to be dramatic.

Damn, I want those shoes.

Jo said...

Oooo, the Naughty Monkeys have me thinking of Spring! Of course you shouldn't feel guilty, I tell my hub all the time, "Shopping saves lives. I'm pretty sure I would have died if I hadn't bought these..."

Love your blog!

Elisabeth said...

Oooh, look at Two Lips 'Trinity' pair... *faints*

I will stay away from shoe sales. I will stay away from shoe sales.

Hmm.. doubt that will last very long, to be honest!

Mervis said...

damn, i love those pink heart peep toes. damn damn damn.


Anonymous said...

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