Sunday, December 9, 2007

What I Want for Christmas: Glam Holiday Nails

Okay, while we weren't crazy about her dress for Movies Rock, we still <3 Beyoncé. Her nails for the event were the bomb. Here's a closeup:

They're custom Minx nails, which the B has a penchant for. I really love these red nails with the gold grille overlay.

But guess what? Only girls in Southern California and Maryland can get them at the moment — not a single salon is on board yet in New York. What?! How is that possible? So if I want to be a saucy minx for Xmas, I have to fly to either LA or to the D.C. / Baltimore area.

Yeah sure, I could have a manicurist do something similar, but the thing about Minx is that it's chip free (which is vital to a klutz such as myself) and they're on and done in less than a half hour. I'm too busy and too impatient to sit in a chair for hours while someone goes Michelangelo on my nails.

This is not right. I want to start a petition: MINX for MANHATTAN!!!

*gets off her soapbox*

For salon and spa locations for those of you in the above-mentioned locales, check out

Photo credit: Adam Orchon

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Corinna said...

oh that's wonderful! I am in stitches, still laughing. it is so beautifully glam.