Thursday, December 13, 2007

Project Runway Rundown (Season 4, Episode 5)

In the beginning of the fifth episode, Jack had to pull out — he had gotten a staph infection and had to withdraw from the competition to take care of his health. He's all better now, thank goodness. For more on the infection and decision, see Jack's interview.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and that meant that previously-eliminated Chris (whose first dress was quite gorgeous) returned to take his place. In a time crunch to complete the challenge, he fell once again into the trap of making his outfit too "costumey", but I have quite the soft spot for him, and I'm glad he's back.

But, on with the challenge. The challenge for this episode was as follows: regular, everyday women who had lost extraordinary amounts of weight, all more than 40lbs., brought in their favorite outfits from their heavier days and the designers had to create new looks from them to suit their new bodies. They each also had $10 to spend on additional fabric.

Some did well, some faltered. In the end the top two and bottom two were pretty clear-cut: Kevin and Christian (Top), Elisa and Steven (Not).

The judges picked Christian as the winner. I would have picked Kevin — he made that out of a blazer!

The judges told Elisa her outfit looked like her, not like something her model would wear and that the layers and waist chopped up her body too much. To Steven they said his outfit looked like a) she was going to a funeral (Nina Garcia) b) French maid (Michael Kors) c) A French Maid at a Funeral (Michael Kors). What made it even worse was that the garment he had been given was a wedding dress — while not the easiest task, couldn't he have made, say, a cute white beaded skirt out of it, with a clean cut black top? They Auf'd Steven. While I agree, for this particular challenge, I so wish they had sent home Elisa because her clothing always looks poorly made and, let's face it, more cuckoos inside her head than in a Swiss wall clock. I just get the feeling she's being kept around for entertainment value (if you look at the credits, it clearly states that Bravo has a say in who gets eliminated, who does not).

This season is still not really gelling for me. Hoping it gets more pizazz soon. What are your thoughts?

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independentkitten said...

I'm just not that into this season for some reason. It just isn't grasping me. I like Christian though, so hopefully he'll pull through.

shoeaddict said...

I blogged about it on my other blog- Shoeaddict Says.

Miss Halfway said...

I'm not much of a fan of Christian - he's a little too catty for me and [in my personal opinion] he keeps sticking to one style, sort of like Laura from last season.

Kevin should have won, he made that girl look AMAZING! Elisa will go soon, we'll just have to be in more pain watching her work.

My favorites so far are Kevin, Chris, Kit, and Sweet P. I'm still waiting for one of them to completely blow me away, though.

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