Monday, December 17, 2007

Missing Milo Ventimiglia -- You Too?

I can't believe it's Monday and there's no Heroes! No sweet, shirtless shots of Milo saving the world (or at least my Monday night). If you're in the same boat now that Heroes is on hiatus, here's a bit of good news: Entertainment Weekly has a short interview with the boy wonder himself. My fave bits:

When asked whether the virus gets out next season, he replies:

"I know we're taking a direction that is going away from the virus—from what I understand. The best answers are always gonna come out of Tim's mouth. I mean let's not kid ourselves: I wear make up and read lines for living."

When asked if he's noticed a change in fan reactions since the first season (because, let's face it, the second season was a bit of a dud), Milo answers:

"For the most part, people still walk up to you with smiles on their faces saying, ''I love it. I love it. I love it.'' Occasionally, you get somebody who kinda looks at you and thinks, Eh, first season was better, but I still watch you guys. You're doing pretty good. I think there are a lot of fans that are begrudgingly hanging in there, very patiently waiting for us.... As a person that's on the show as well as a fan of the show, I always want to get back to the great character moments that drive the series. I'm hoping we get back to the feeling of the first season: that kind of base human emotion, that level where these people that have these abilities are understanding them still."

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