Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008

To Old Friends and New:

May the road rise to meet your Louboutins and Manolos;
May the seams in your stockings always be straight;
May your wrinkles be few, your laugh lines be many;
May the sales always have your size and color;
And most of all, may the coming year bring you
Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

Thanks for a glamorous 2007!

Enoch Bolles illustration for Film Fun Magazine, Feb 1936.


constant_drama said...

"May the sales always have your size and color"

Best New Year wish I ever get!!!

Happy New Year to you too Glam Girl. Am loving your blog.

Shemah said...

As CD mentioned above, the Best New Year wish ever!!

Happy New Year to you.. May the year 2008 bring you everything you can ever hope for. Thanks for being our Guide to Glamourosity! Totally love it! :D


WendyB said...

I'll pass on the laugh line, unless you mean that I should be an actress and have many funny lines in a brilliant movie and win an Oscar.

G.G. said...

Thanks CD and Shemah :)

Wendy - I was more thinking of stand-up comedy in fish feet :P Although an Oscar does have a nice gleam to it... and consider his age and no wrinkles!

Lady N said...

Happy New Year, GG! I love that picture! :)

Shoeaddict said...

Back at you, doll! So glad we "met"!!


LADY said...

Hello my dear! Hope you had a great New Year!!

G.G. said...

ShoeAddict and Lady, happy New Year to you too :)