Saturday, December 8, 2007

Got a HEROES Fan on Your Christmas Gift List?

My friend David is a big comic book and Sci-Fi fan, and every year I try to think long and hard what to get for him. This year it's really simple — Heroes gear from the NBC Universal Store. There's several great things at the store, but these are my top picks:

$24 Heroes "Save the Cheerleader" T-Shirt

$24 Heroes "I Did it" Comic Art T-Shirt

$24Heroes 9th Wonders Comic Art T-Shirt<

$15 Heroes Helix Symbol Pendant Necklace

$29.99 Heroes Graphic Novel

Okay, so here's what I'm thinking: One of the T-shirts, and the necklace and the graphic novel (which collects all of the comics from the website for Season 1 into one volume). Help me pick the shirt, please, 'cause I can't choose. Much obliged!

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