Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Glamorate It: Weekly Red Carpet Review

This week the red carpet belonged to young Hollywood and metallic dresses ruled. Time to play Glamorate It:

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Rumer Willis, 5 Dec 2007
GQ Men of the Year Awards, Hollywood

On what PLANET is this acceptable attire to an awards event? Not only that, the outfit is awful, period. Is this girl famous for anything in her own right, or just because she's Bruce and Demi's daughter?


Hayden Panettiere, 5 Dec 2007
GQ Men of the Year Awards, Hollywood

Boring. And what on EARTH happened to her makeup? From the neck up, she looks like an underaged girl trying to get into a disco in the 1970s.


Keira Knightley, 6 Dec 2007
Atonement Premiere, Beverly Hills

Well here's the weirdest thing I've seen in a while. This pink gauzy thingy that leaves half of her body bare is not flattering at all, and for some reason it echoes Björk's "Dying Swan" Oscar outfit of yesteryear. But let's say you decided to wear this anyway. In what UNIVERSE are those shoes a good match with this dress???


Cate Blanchett, 6 Dec 2007
AFI Awards Dinner, Melbourne, Australia

Queen Cate, looking fab as always, in a metallic pewter evening gown with black lace overlay. Good show, Cate!


Emmy Rossum, 6 Dec 2007
People Grammy Kick-Off, Hollywood

Liking the hair, makeup, and accessories, but apparently Emmy doesn't read Harper's or this blog — spaghetti straps are out right now. Even if they were in, this dress has nothing much going for it. *yawn*
Plus, if you're gonna wear a dress in which your knees show, moisturize, for heaven's sake — those gray scaly things are SO not attractive!


Fergie, 6 Dec 2007
People Grammy Kick-Off, Hollywood

I still hate Fergie's hair, but the black open-back sequin dress is gorge. The shoes are borderline, a bit on the too-blingy, tarty side.


Lauren Conrad, 6 Dec 2007
People Grammy Kick-Off, Hollywood

LC's dress is a good color, but that's about it — the shape is wonky, and I detest those granny-ruffles running down the front. Also consider a different makeup artist, LC — the eyes are too heavy, the mouth not strong enough for this color dress.


Kristen Bell & Rachel Bilson, 7 Dec 2007
Video Game Awards, Las Vegas

These two look perfect. A bracelet apiece wouldn't have hurt, though.


Vanessa Hudgens, 9 Dec 2007
Filming Christmas in Washington, D.C.

The dress is perfection and the metallic satin bow heels are fantastic. Kudos!


Hilary Swank, 9 Dec 2007
P.S. I Love You Premiere, Hollywood

Hilary Swank always makes most of what she's got. This Monique L'Huillier dress is to-die-for and the accessories are on the money. I would have wished for more color in the makeup, but all in all, good work.




LADY said...

poor Rumor Willis. She is so unfortunate looking.

Anonymous said...

It looks more like rug burn on Emmy Rossum's knees.

Katelin said...

I think Cate and Kristen look amazing.