Monday, December 3, 2007

Glamorate It: Weekly Red Carpet Review

Time to dissect celebrity looks — as usual, clickify to biggify. Slow red carpet week, but here we go:

Nicole Kidman, 27 Nov 2007
Golden Compass Premiere, London

Everything works here, but the hair is a snooze. Time to do something with it, Nicole.

Kristen Bell, 28 Nov 2007
NASCAR Nextel Cup Celebration, NYC

I like the dress and it's a good color for Kristen, but the hair is way too school girl casual for red carpet, and she is "under-accessorized." A bracelet with more punch and a gem of a clutch would have done wonders here.

Ali Larter, 28 Nov 2007
NASCAR Nextel Cup Celebration, NYC

What on earth was she thinking, donning this gray polyester sack that makes her chest look droopy and does nothing for her in any way? Ali, were you asleep when you chose this?

Thandie Newton, 28 Nov 2007
Reopening of New Museum, New York

Everything works here. Nice take on the season's metallic dresses, Thandie. Strange shoes, but I like them.

Julianne Moore, 28 Nov 2007
Reopening of New Museum, New York

Oh   my   god!  Nothing I can say could possibly convey the horror I feel.

Fergie, 29 Nov 2007
Wilhelmina Models 40th Anniversary, NYC

The dress is alright, mediocre +. Accessories, however, are brilliant — good work. Fergie, time to rethink your hair and makeup artist — you could be smashing, and your team is not doing all that can be done for you.

Rihanna, 29 Nov 2007
Bambi Awards, Düsseldorf, Germany

I'm sorry. I can't get behind head-to-toe leopard, no matter how beautiful the clotheshanger. This is one of those moments when we've crossed the line and gone from glamorous over to too much. And what blind, tasteless, shoe-fetishist straight guy recommended that you wear fuchsia platform pumps with a leopard dress?!?

Carrie Underwood, 2 Dec 2007
Movies Rock, Hollywood

Go Carrie! This season's color, next season's Greek Goddess style dress. Hair, makeup, accessories all work (though you could have done red lips here).

Beyoncé, 2 Dec 2007
Movies Rock, Hollywood

No. Just, No.

P.S. Time to cut 5 inches off the dead ends there.

Jennifer Hudson, 2 Dec 2007
Movies Rock, Hollywood

Ok, took me a moment to warm up to this look on JH, but I like it. Glam hair, makeup and accessories, and a very soft-spoken black pantsuity outfit. It's fresh, it's risky, and it actually works.

Fergie, 2 Dec 2007
Movies Rock, Hollywood

Umm... WHAT?! Seriously, look at the larger pic. This is a flat-out "Hell, No."

Okay, enough of my railing. What do you guys think?


constant_drama said...

I would totally rock Kristen Bell's dress. Actually...I would rock it better than her....

I'm just sayin'.

G.G. said...

Cool :) Nothing wrong with a healthy dose of self-confidence!

Elisabeth said...

I agree - I loved Nicole K's dress, but her hair was just boring.

And Rihanna - what are you playing at? She's such perfection you'd think she'd go for something a bit classier!

Oh yes, and Beyoncé needs to visit her hairdressers asap!

Ayden said...

Yeah, Beyonce need a trim, but what's wrong with her outfit?? It's a beautiful color, ect. ect. Overall...gourgeous! I frankly, connot see what's wrong with it...But maybe it's just me.

WendyB said...

I would have liked Julianne Moore's dress if it had fit differently. It looks like she could fit three or four more of her in there. But the design really jumps out at me. Beyonce looks like she's going to BURST out of that dress. She needs to give herself a little breathing room.

Shoeaddict said...

Did you see Alicia Keys in the grey?

Miss Halfway said...

All right, so I'll go over the best and worst.

I love Nicole Kidman's dress, but everything else is all wrong. In fact, put the dress on someone else and I bet it would look amazing.

Kristen Bell.. Pretty much everything you said. Loving the dress, but there's not much to follow it up with. Oh, and my friend's little 7 year old sister wears her hair like that: what does that say about the look, haha.

While Rihanna and Julianne Moore and Fergie looked terrible, Beyonce really stunned me. I think she thought she could fit into a Girls SM, and risked it. It looks like it's going to explode. And the hair... Just awful. She could do so much better!

LADY said...

I NEED that Kristen Bell dress!! Did you get my email lovie? I am in desperate need of your fashion help.

And when do I get to see you again?

AMANDA ITIS1210 said...

Carrie Underwood's Dress was definitely the best. It's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Why, oh why does Nicole Kidman not let her hair go back to red? As red it was glorious, as blonde it's just blah. :(

Ayden said...

Well, maybe it's form-fitting, but I wouldn't go that far. Beyonce's got killer hips- they're great, trust me, I've got them too. She's just flaunting it.