Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Glamorate It: GlamBombs in Review

The Horror, the Horror! Are the celebrity stylists on strike too? That'd be about the only thing explaining this week's horrifying celebrity appearances, apart from temporary insanity and loss of taste. Warning: I have nothing nice to say about this week's fashions, so if snark isn't your thing, feel free to skip this post.

This week's worst offenders:

Nicole Kidman, 16 Dec 2007
The Golden Compass Premiere, Sydney

Balenciaga, believe it or not. Unless you're auditioning for the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz, this is definitely a "Don't" in my book. OMG.

Piper Perabo, 13 Dec 2007
Solomon R. Guggenheim Young Collectors
Council Artists' Ball, NYC

I wouldn't like this purple sack anyway, but come on Piper, couldn't you at least have gotten it steamed / ironed before stepping up on a red carpet??? Explain this hair to me, please? And nothing wrong with red patent pumps in principle, but what possessed you to wear them with this dress?? Ugh.

Diane Kruger, 14 Dec 2007
National Treasure Premiere, NYC

The-Great-Pumpkin-goes-Pseudo-Edwardian confection by J. Mendel makes me feel like someone is using a cheese grater on my brain. More Freddy Krueger than Diane Kruger. When it comes to this hideous getup, I'm 100% with Elle Woods in Legally Blonde: "Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously deluded."

Okay, this is all I can take without doing myself permanent harm. Talk amongst yourselves.

Photos: Getty Images


Elisabeth said...

Oh my god! The crimes that are being committed!

Nicole - what are you doing woman!? She's got a gorgeous complexion, Hollywood good looks, a wonderful figure and yet she rocks up to the red carpet looking that that? Yeech!

Piper's dress is beyond horrible; and did she completley forget to do her hair!?

As for Diane - all I can says is WTF is going on with those frontal tassels!?

Sorry, I've been a bit bitchy. I'll blame pre-Christmas tension.

constant_drama said...

Fugly fugly fuuuugly....and since we are being snarky, is it me or Piper's hair is crazy oily?

Dude, you can fry a fish from all the oil from her hair.

Lydia said...

Not only were NK's pants metallic - but were they highwaisted, too? That is a HORRIBLE outfit!

shoeaddict said...

Why, oh why does everybody think they should be blonde?

Hasn't everyone heard the rule about wearing ONE big trend at a time- animal pieces, metallics, bold colors, etc. Nic is wearing head to toe metallic. It's upseting.

independentkitten.com said...

I've never gotten the Kidman craze, but that outfit is a tragedy.

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

Um...All I have to say about every one of these outfits: Crack is Wack.

Leave the powder alone ladies and try again next time lol.

G.G. said...

Exactly - sure, buy the whole suit, but wear the jacket and the pants at different times. Scratch that. Don't buy the pants at all.

Anonymous said...