Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Glam Sites: INDIE COTERIE Grand Opening

The much-awaited new shopping site Indie Coterie has finally opened its virtual doors.

IC is the "Love Child" and brilliant idea of Letitia Rodriguez, whom many of you know as webmistress of the blog Bombazine Doll. The concept behind the new company is simple: Letitia felt, as I'm sure many of us have, that a marketplace was needed on the web for independent luxury designers who are only just emerging on the scene.

The brands are exclusive and the editions limited, so you know you won't run across your handbag or outfit on every street corner. For example, this Anja Bruhn "Butterfly Bag" in lipstick red, which I fell head over heels for, is so limited that if I don't make up my mind in a day or two it might well be gone.

The website is brand new, so you may run across a kink here or there. The webmasters say they'd love to hear about your experience and welcome any and all feedback, so if you want to do those Glam Gals a favor, stop by and give them your two cents.

Letitia is also offering a secret discount, which you might want to take advantage of, if something appeals to you.

Site: Indie Coterie
Verdict: Definitely the site to watch


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