Saturday, December 15, 2007

Glam Gifts for the Boys (Men) in Your Life

We're in the final days of purchasing gifts online so that they still arrive by Christmas. I was sneaky this year. I said to Glam Boy, "I was thinking about writing a post on what to get for guys, but I really need your help." Being sweet and obliging, he rattled off a list of things he'd want and, after thinking about it, list of what "some other guys might want." This of course made not only writing this piece easier, but gave me a clear idea what to get him. Mwahahaha. Yes, I'm an evil genius (but I only use my powers for good).

1. Wii

The Nintendo Wii is the latest in gaming. With a stick that looks like a TV remote control you can play golf, bowl, &c. They are sold out most places, but can still be gotten on eBay and shipped FedEx. Type in "Nintendo Wii" and "FedEx" in the search box and click the box that searches description as well. The standard out there is a Wii that comes with 5 sports games. Expect to pay a around $450-$500.

2. Bluetooth Headset
A cordless earpiece to use with your cell phone. If your boy is on the phone alot for work, good idea. After doing my research I bought this one from Amazon:

$43.99 Plantronics Voyager 510

3. Portable GPS Navigation System

Garmin nĂ¼vi 350
$302 Amazon
For the guy who has to do a lot of driving, or as with my Glam Boy, the guy who always gets lost.

4. Sweaters

$49.50 Merino Wool
V-neck Sweater
Banana Republic

$78 Silk/cashmere
4-button sweater
Banana Republic

Polo Ralph Lauren
Crewneck Sweater
$70 Macy's

5. Computer Games

Glam Boy wants:

Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword
This only works if he's already got Civ 4, so make sure.
Apparently it's the best expansion pack. He'll love it.

Galactic Civilizations II Gold
Build a civilization in space :P

6. Books:


The Name of the Wind
by Patrick Rothfuss
$15 Amazon

by Neal Stephenson
$9 Amazon

I Am America
by Stephen Colbert
$16 Amazon

7. DVD Movies

The Adventures of Indiana Jones
$34 Amazon

Firefly - Complete Series
$40 Amazon

So these are things my Glam Boy wants, some of which he is getting (I'm forwarding the list to his mom too). Your Glam Boy may be different, but perhaps there were some ideas that might work. The one thing Glam Boy said vehemently was, "No Ties!"


WendyB said...

No cufflinks?!?

G.G. said...

I think Glam Boy's mind was on everything that reminded him of being a young, care-free boy, rather than a man. He didn't want anything related to work or being a grown-up :)

But yes, cuff links are a good Xmas present :)

Miss Halfway said...

I went to Old Navy and got a great deal on some sweaters, and I know they'll love them. I'm doing some computer/nintendo games too as well as a HD TV for a cousin -- boys love their toys haha.

G.G. said...

Oh good! Yeah it's good to have something practical and something that's just for fun :)

shoeaddict said...

I bought my dad a cashmere sweater. I'm buying husband a new wedding ring because he lost his. I bought my little brother a book and some music.

G.G. said...

He lost his ring? Ouch, that's too bad. What book did you buy your brother? What color sweater for your dad?

I told Glam Boy he's not allowed to read the blog while this post is on the front page, so I can tell you what colors I got him: I did the Banana Republics - one black, one charcoal grey, and one burgundy. He's had a really tough year and he needed pampering. He's not getting his Wii unless his mom gets it -- if not, I'm thinking maybe for his birthday in a couple of months.

I got my dad the watch I posted about a few weeks ago (bloody gorgeous!) and a winter parka which I got an insane deal on.

Miss Halfway said...

Wii's seem almost impossible to get nowadays, so waiting a couple months might be best. I've heard about some pretty insane waiting lists.