Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas in Review

Whew! I've had barely a moment to myself, but Christmas was great. All the Christmas foods went without a hitch and if I don't flatter myself too much, I think I could have won a few blue ribbons :P We had a lot of family time, playing games and eating good food, everyone enjoyed their Xmas presents, and there were no big disasters, save for the Christmas tree falling in the middle of the night, smashing more than 20 of my favorite ornaments. All in all, a great success.

Yesterday we braved the sales and as you can guess, it was a zoo out there. The best sales were at Nordstrom, so if you have one close by, drop on over and check out the shoe sale especially. Also, if any of the men in your life wear Dockers, the Dockers store has an extra 50% off all sale items. I bought my dad a pair of mini-cords for $10 and a pair of basic khakis for $15!

I have guests until Monday, so blogging will still be sparse, just wanted to say I haven't dropped off the face of the planet and I hope you enjoy the final days of this year!

Enoch Bolles illustration for the cover of Film Fun, January 1928.


Shopaholic D said...

Merry Christmas! You were brave doing the after-Christmas shopping...I thought about it but then remembered I'm broke! I need my bonus! lol

:) D

G.G. said...

Went again yesterday. It's mad out there. I think I'll be hitting the sales online -- only so much I can take of hot stores and crazed women fighting over sale items :P