Sunday, December 16, 2007

Black Lace Dresses a la Blair Waldorf

Gossip Girl Pilot Episode

Wearing black lace is one of Blair's signature style moves on Gossip Girl. Glam Girl Stephanie wrote, saying she'd like to find a little black lace dress to wear for a New Year's party. Here are my top picks for black lace dresses currently on the market:

Anna Sui Lace Mini Dress
$249 Net-a-Porter

ABS by Allen Schwartz
Lace Minidressicon
$330 Nordstromicon

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Mia Lace Dress
$398 $238.80 Net-a-Porter

Milly Eyelash Lace Mini Dress
$372 Shopbop

Adrianna Papell
Puff Sleeve Crochet Shirtdressicon
$158 Nordstromicon

Velvet Torch
Lace Sheath Dressicon
$48 Nordstrom


mzchief said...

The winning frock is the $249. Anna Sui with first runner up being the $48. Velvet Torch. The Marc Jacobs looks like something Wednesday from the Addams Family would wear while the other frocks are just too much heavy lace.

Danielle said...

Great options! Any guesses on where the tights she was wearing with that dress came from?

shoeaddict said...

The Anna Sui and maybe the ABS.

Miss Halfway said...

My personal favorite is the Allen Schwartz dress, but the Anna Sui one is gorgeous as well.

G.G. said...

Yeah, I'd get the Anna Sui. I went crazy for Max Azria black lace overlay dresses last year (I got 2 different ones) so I can't justify more black lace dresses ATM.

LADY said...

Sigh. So many dresses, so little money!

acaligurl said...

omgosh, i just bought that nordy's dress for my daughter!

Anonymous said...

I have the exact dress she wears in the episode
but look at these.... velvet torch; the lace shealth dress is best.

Xo Xo

Anonymous said...

what is the exact dress?
i wish you would put more of the real clothes even though they are way too expensive.

G.G. said...

Anon - most of the time the problem with posting the "real clothes" is that the show is filmed months ahead of the airing schedule and the clothes are no longer available, so I can't a) find them b) post about them. Furthermore, as you said, the clothes range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, which is way out of the price range of the average Gossip Girl watcher. So I try to provide alternatives -- I'm just doing the best that I can do.

blair said...

nooo.. i just got the last option shipped to canada from the states... i don't like it.. it really doesn't look anything like blair's dress.. i'm really disappointed with it

Anonymous said...

i would love if you could find blair's outfit from "seventeen candles". I LOVE IT, i think it's valentino's but i couldn't find it in valentino's home page

Emma said...

"Anonymous said...
I have the exact dress she wears in the episode
but look at these.... velvet torch; the lace shealth dress is best.

Xo Xo"

so, where is it from? wat brand?
:) love the anna sui, but i don't think the front is pretty, it should have been more round around the neck. :)

Anonymous said...

Quite cheap...and its in england xD

Anonymous said...

Blair actually wears that Marc Jacobs dress in another episode (at the strip club) only in grey!

Anonymous said...
I dont know if this helps but i found another black lace dress .. its not as pretty as blairs but it is sooooooooooo much cheaper :D

Anonymous said...

the marc by marc jacobs dress is the one blair wore in the episode "victor victrola" only she was wearing it in a minty green
but i think that's the winnning one hands down

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I like the model wearing New Look Clothing dresses.