Sunday, December 9, 2007

50 Glamorous Christmas Gifts under $100

1.  $55  Oscar de la Renta. "Roses and Lilacs" PJs. Macy's. Shop it
2.  $75  Cartier. "Eau de Cartier." Nordstrom. Shop iticon
3.  $68  Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves. Nordstrom. Shop it
4.  $95  14K White and Pink Gold Diamond Ring. Shop iticon
5.  $65  PicAscot Bahamas Picnic Cooler Tote. Amazon. Shop it
6.  $30  Juicy Couture High Heel Slipper Charm. Nordstrom. Shop iticon
7.  $38  Alexandra Black. "The Party Dress." Amazon. Shop it
8.  $78  Vera Wang "Princess" Holiday Set. Nordstrom. Shop iticon
9.  $69  Justsweet Lantern-Sleeve Babydoll Sweater. Macy's. Shop it
10.  $58  Round Starburst Frame. Nordstrom. Shop iticon
11.  $58  Crown Lid Candle. Nordstrom. Shop iticon
12.  $14  Viva Glam Lipstick. Nordstrom. Shop iticon
13.  $18  Grey's Anatomy "Seriously" Thermos. ABC TV. Shop it
14.  $48  Caslon® V-Neck Sweater (12 colors). Nordstrom. Shop iticon
15.  $95  100in Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace. Shop it
16.  $45   Juicy Couture Pavé Heart Stud Earrings. Nordstrom. Shop iticon
17.  $55  Steven by Steve Madden "Lulu" Clutch. Nordstrom. Shop iticon
18. $42  Frenchi® Crochet Yoke Velour Dress. Nordstrom. Shop iticon
19.  $26  The Audrey Hepburn Collection (3-DVD). Amazon. Shop it
20. $95 Viktor & Rolf "Flowerbomb" Perfume Set. Nordstrom. Shop iticon
21.  $99  The SAK "Sevilla" Doctor Satchel. Endless. Shop it
22.  $90  Moschino "I love 3" Bangle Watch. Overstock. Shop iticon
23.  $25  6 Degrees Sequin-Trim Halter Top. Macy's. Shop it
24.  $44  Starburst Wire Wall Mirror. Wrapables. Shop it
25.  $98  Marc by Marc Jacobs Merino Hat. Shopbop. Shop it
26.  $40 Too Faced "Lights, Camera, Glamour!" Sephora. Shop it
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27.  $60  Betsey Johnson Flower Ring. Nordstrom. Shop iticon
28.  $31  MaggiB Lingerie Trio. Wrapables. Shop it
29. $48 Dressed: A Century of Hollywood Costume Design. Shop it
30.  $53  Vintage Lucite Hair Sticks. Blue Heron. Shop it
31.  $78  Caslon® Cowl Neck Sweater. Nordstrom. Shop iticon
32.  $60 Mademoiselle Reversible Apron. Wrapables. Shop it
33.  $5 each, Nordstrom Glitter High Heel Ornament. Shop iticon
34.  $88 Caslon® Pointelle Sweater Dress. Nordstrom. Shop iticon
35.  $24 Red Carpet: 20 Years of Fame and Fashion. Shop it
36.  $69 Barista Aroma Solo Coffee Maker. Starbucks. Shop it
37.  $30 Ugly Betty MODE Logo Tee. ABC TV. Shop it
38.  $88 Hobo Int'l "Zoey" Patent Wristlet. Nordstrom. Shop iticon
39.  $48 White Agate, Mother-of-Pearl, Jade Ring. Shop iticon
40.  $88 Frankie & Johnny 50's Fashionista Robe. SleepyHeads. Shop it
41.  $20 Pride and Prejudice Special Edition. Amazon. Shop it
42.  $48 Oxford Illustrated Complete Jane Austen. Amazon. Shop it
43.  $16  Splash-Proof Shower Radio. Wrapables. Shop it
44.  $13 Nina Garcia: The Little Black Book of Style. Amazon. Shop it
45.  $20  Hello Kitty Pop-Up Toaster. Amazon. Shop it
46.  $99 Dereon Lux Metallic Puffer Jacket. Macy's. Shop it
47.  $68 Juicy Couture Leather Cuff Bracelet. Nordstrom. Shop iticon
48.  $62 YSL "White Gold" Lip Palette. Nordstrom. Shop iticon
49.  $65 Ariella Collection Multi Stack Ring. Nordstrom. Shop iticon
50.  $66 De La Ru Bow Bubble Dress. Nordstrom. Shop iticon
51.  $56 Coloriffics "En Vogue" Jewelled Silver T-Strap. Shoebuy. Shop it


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shoeaddict said...

LOVE the shoes, the shoe ornaments I put those on The Diary), the starburst mirror (I'm putting that on The Diary. I'm getting gloves, perfume and hopefully (I sent links!) a right-hand ring for Christmas.

G.G. said...

Yeah I got all the Nordstrom glam ornaments for my mom, and some of them for my sister as stocking stuffers. The starburst mirror I'm going to measure--if it fits above my bed, it's mine. Definitely using it for the "1930's Old Hollywood Glamour Bedroom" post (coming January). I hope they still have a few left then. And I told Glam Boy that I must must MUST get the "Flowerbomb"--I got a sample size from my Nordstrom's counter, and it is beYOND divine. Love Xmas!

G.G. said...

Heh, I'm a total dolt - #18 was already on the "Under $50" post. Guess I liked it enough to schlepp it in both posts". Once a blonde, always a blonde, what can I say.

Elisabeth said...

The Party Dress book looks lovely and I want a Mode t-shirt!!!

Great gift ideas as always x

independentkitten said...

I just love 5, 32 and 33. I've always had a love for pretty picnic baskets. They remind me of the 50s. I was going to do Mickey Mouse ornaments, but I may have to change to shoes.

Katelin said...

Oh what a fun list! I may have to check some of these out!

viagra online said...

I will buy the item #33 for my dear wife, she will be so excited when give her such a fancy gift! thank you.

pharmacy said...

Excellent Christmas gifts I can see that the prices are perfect specially because I have to start buying a lot of things for me and for my daughter.