Friday, November 30, 2007

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style -- Episode 7: Lori, Lela Rose, and Padma Lakshmi

In Episode 7 (105), Tim and Veronica help a woman named Lori, a parole officer about to get married, whose style is confined to jeans and sweats. It soon becomes apparent, that Lori is a sweat suit addict, and the task of wading through her bulging closet seems insurmountable.

When going through Lori's wardrobe, they run across a pair of jeans with back pockets, and Tim says they have to go because they make Lori's butt look bigger. When she intimates that is exactly the point, Tim is flabbergasted. Veronica tries to explain by saying, "It's a cultural thing, Tim." Tim still looks stunned, and Lori clears it up for him, saying, "Black girls got booty!" Tim's face was priceless. His comment afterwards was, "I've been living in a fool's paradise of tiny-rear-end-wannabes!"

The undergarment and lingerie visit is again to Linda's Bra Salon, where Lori is fitted with new bras by owner Linda "The Bra Lady" Becker, who takes Lori's bust from grandma to perky, and helps take her toward an hourglass figure.

It soon becomes apparent that Lori is having a very hard time still, coming to terms with scars she received in an accident in 2001 — she admits to Tim that she has not worn a dress or skirt in six years, because she doesn't want the scar seen. Tim hands her over to "Life Stylist" Jared Weiss, who has her write the name of each stressor in her life on volley balls, which then get thrown into "can control" and "cannot control" baskets. Jared is trying to help Lori see that she should be focusing on things that she can control. Insightfully, he says, "In this life, you cannot control how you are perceived; you can only control how you are presented."

Before the shopping trip to Macy's, Tim gives Lori the first gift, a western-style tan leather Orciani handbag. After Macy's, Tim takes her to the designer showroom of Lela Rose, whose dresses have graced such celebrities as Chloé Sevigny, Kate Bosworth, and Iman. Suddenly, Top Chef's star and beauty, Padma Lakshmi, makes a surprise visit. Tim has asked Padma to talk to Lori about accepting and embracing her scar. Padma tells Lori about how hard her own scar (on her right arm) was to come to grips with, since her car accident happened when she was just 14. Padma says Lori is so pretty nobody is going to ever notice her scar. Lori tries on several dresses and loosens up by the second.

The real breakthrough, however, comes when Lori's hair and makeup are done. The hair expert is Brian Magallones of Garnier Fructis (his third time on the show). Makeup is done by celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal (Mally Beauty), who not only gives her face a lovely coat of makeup, but even more importantly, her leg. The scarring is much less evident, and it's as if a suit of armor falls off Lori — she goes back in to Tim and Veronica with her sweatsuits legs rolled up into shorts. Tim is stunned. Even in the "cut-to the couch later" commentary piece, Tim is still so verklempt that he is all fuchsia and teared-up. I love Tim Gunn.

Right before the "fashion show", Tim gives Lori a pair of earrings, but I did not catch who they were by, did you? If you did, fill us in. Pretty little dangly things they were. The fashion show is a great success, and they reveal the Lela Rose dress Lori picked —a gorgeous belted gold brocade sheath dress. Lori absolutely shone. And not an eye was looking her leg, but at her glowing face. I really dug this episode. I know it's the hundred millionth time I'm saying this, but I don't care: I LOVE TIM!

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Marleaux said...

I love this show. Tim is so hilarious, but in a subtle way.

Valley Girl said...

LOL, I saw the commercial for this one. Silly white guy Tim! LOL!!!

Ridonkulus said...

I love Tim Gunn! He seems genuinely sweet. I heard some man broke his heart and he hasn't been with anyone for the last ten years. Which is sad if it's true, because he seems so nice!

MaxMillion said...

"Black girls got booty!"


(so does this white girl, and she considers it one of her best assets!)

Lovely write up -- I hope to catch this episode on a re-broadcast.

That Tim does seem like a honey.

Anonymous said...

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