Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style -- Episode 6: Gina and Isaac Mizrahi

In Episode 6, Tim and Veronica help a woman named Gina, a 46 year-old retired police sergeant. She has never worn anything but a uniform; first, in Catholic school, then in the police force. Nowadays her "uniform" consists of t-shirts and jeans, of which she has "thousands", as Veronica puts it. Furthermore, she loves to shop in the Juniors department with her 17 yr-old daughter, and to buy things with glitter and embellishments. It is up to Tim to help her find a new, age-appropriate and elegant look. Bit of a challenge since, as Tim says, she looks "like Charlize Théron in Monster, I hate to tell you."

I'm really glad they cut out the "we have to look through your underwear drawer bit and just announced that they are going bra shopping the next day — it's become obvious that ALL the fashion victims need new undergarments, so there's no point in humiliating people on national television. Veronica takes Gina to Linda's Bra Salon, where she gets properly fitted with several new bras by owner Linda Becker. One of the new bras is lacy without padding, which makes Gina nervous. She says she doesn't want to broadcast "the weather report", so to speak. Linda shows Gina a tip: DIMRS (Dimmers) — little pads that go inside your bra and, as Linda says, "dim your headlights." And presto: "Witness the miracle of the science of lingerie" (Veronica's words).

This episode's life guide (and beautiful man), who teaches Gina how to dance the salsa and feel fabulous was Junes B. Zahdi, international salsa master. next, of course, is gifting time. Tim found Gina "bag-deprived" and gifts her with the GORGEOUS Cole Haan Village Soft Triple Zip Satchel in Gunmetal (roughly $400). As far as metallic casual bags go, you can't do better for the price. Gina is sent forth to conquer Macy's Short Hills with her sister Christine, but they don't find many things until Tim and Veronica step in to lend a hand.

They end up finding great things for her: a black day dress with a fabulous square neckline, a red trench coat (although I prefer the metallic silver they tried on first), a gray tailored blazer with black piping, and a black and white animal print faux-wrap dress. [[I'll find these for you ASAP, but with Thanksgiving, Macy's website is down.... grrr....]]

This episode's designer visit is to the studio of Isaac Mizrahi, or as Tim says, "The Great Isaac", whom Tim describes as "master", "showman", and "sweetheart." Isaac proves to be worthy of all those epithets and to have a great sense of humor to boot. Gina ends up choosing a gorgeous black 1950s-inspired black dress à la Grace Kelly, with a citron yellow silk wrap. The bustline will be recut to fit her body, as it is far too revealing at present.

Next, it's time for hair and makeup. The hairstylist is the famed Christo of Christo Fifth Avenue. He tones down her frizzed out, bleached-to-death hair, and gives her a nice multitonal light brown color and cut, both of which make her look younger and more sophisticated. Makeup is done by Troy Surratt, Global Consulting Makeup Artist for Maybelline NY. She ends up looking like Kim Catrall if you ask me. In any case, she looks fantastic in the end.

Before the final fashion show for family, Tim gives Gina another present: an 18k gold photo locket from Monica Rich Kossan Jewelry ($4k). Lovely! Everything put together, Gina looks so beautiful that her husband says that every time she came out in a new outfit, he fell in love with her all over again.

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gilda said...

seriously, i just love tim gunn. and all my teachers in parsons seem to love and miss him too.

i really liked this episode because the woman they were featuring was like fun and didn't mind trying everything and she was open to ideas! it was so much better than some previous episodes when the subject was upset and all. eek! but i guess that's the reality in a reality tv show eh? haha.

G.G. said...

Yeah I agree, Gina was a really good sport, and made for fun watching. A few of the "victims" have been so negative they make watching uncomfortable.

I think the show may be getting a bit better. I want them to really hit their stride though. I still find Veronica a bit stiff.

Elisabeth said...

Cool - this show sounds brill! We have similar versions of this in the UK, I am addicted to watching them; I adore makeovers!

G.G. said...

My absolute favorite makeover show was "What Not to Wear" with Trinny and Susannah, but they stopped showing it on BBC America. I've not seen the new hosts - are they any good?

Valley Girl said...

Awww @ the last part!!!

Gina said...

Hi GG,
I just came across your site as I was looking for the Monica Rich Kossan necklace Tim gave me. It was a great little recap of the show. ;-) Your site is a great resource for now that I am on my own in the world of fashion. I liked having Tim guide me, Now I have you!