Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tim Gunn's Guide to Style -- Episode 108, Elena, Greg Behrendt, and Jill Stuart

In Episode 5 (108), Tim and Veronica help a woman named Elena, who is a new mother stuck in her college days, style-wise. Tim sets out to catch her wardrobe up to her new life and to bring elegance and polish into her style.

Elena meets Tim and Veronica wearing a forget-me-not blue tube dress, which Tim calls "a basic tube, just a hair shy of wrapping a towel around you." From the photos of her past week's outfits we find out she wore a bare midriff to work, because her outfit had shrunk. When they go through her closet, it becomes clear Elena is a hoarder, whose style is "simultaneously juvenile and dowdy." She is big on flower prints and patterns which Veronica would rather see on couches than on clothes. They finally get through her closet, which is full of, as Tim says, "forgive me: crap" — all the giveaways were donated to "Dress for Success."

Veronica goes through Elena's underwear, which consists of bras she wore to college and maternity bras... 21 months after giving birth! Veronica points out that a bra lasts 6 months, and Tim goes so far as to describe one maternity bra as "an ancient slingshot." Another casualty from Elena's underwear drawer is a once-white bikini, which is so pilled, Veronica says it "looks like a carpenter took a sander to your bottom."

Veronica takes Elena to Azaleas, where owner Cindy Kahng fits her with new bras and lingerie, as well as a new olive bikini. Then it is time for the Life Coach section of the program, and the coach is Greg Behrendt, of talk show, books, and Sex and the City fame. He has Elena wear different hats, inscribed "Mommy", "Wife", "Work", and "Elena", and she comes to the realization that, like many mommies, she doesn't schedule any time for herself.

Upon her return to Tim and Veronica, they present her with her first gift: four different leather belts by Karen ZAMBOS Vintage Couture.

Next, it's off to Macy's. Some outfits look like they should be on a senior citizen in Florida, a bronze skirt like she should be standing in a street corner. They do find everything on the list, and Tim next takes Elena to meet Jill Stuart at the designer's SOHO store. She tries on many dresses, and finally decides on a lace inset cotton dress in the palest of lavenders.

Elena's hair is done by Brian Magallones of Garnier (his second time on the show), and her makeup by Ashunta Sheriff whose client roster includes Rihanna and Alicia Keys. The end result is beautiful!

Elena's final present is a stunning pair of earrings by Erica Courtney, whose client list includes Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, and Jessica Alba. The earrings are platinum and diamonds, and just divine.

Tim and Veronica present Elena with a final gift: her poems and short stories bound in a red leather notebook, with a foreword poem by her husband. This brings on tears and lots of hugs and kisses. Tim and Veronica were pleased with a job well done.

A bit of a non-episode for me. None of the clothes really struck me, or perhaps I was just in a grumpy mood, who knows. I need a day of honest-to-goodness sunshine — these rain and promise-of-rain gray days are a bummer. I wonder if this show will ever really hit its stride. What do you think?

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Valley Girl said...

Look at Veronica, though, in that dress! So chic!

G.G. said...

I love how the black on the sides make for an optical illusion, making her have a bumblebee waist. Good trick to remember, I think :)

Pattie Donham said...

I wasn't crazy about this episode either. Her hubby was a doll! I wish Tim would makeover MY wardrobe!

BEATRIZ s. said...

i think the last picture with elena wearing the black blazer and dark gray pleated skirt was a little off. the outfit just looked awkward. \= however veronica's dress looks amazing!

Mens Leather Blazer said...

Look at Veronica, though, in that dress! So chic!

PEPE PEREZ said...

Hi, I would like to know if by any chance you have a picture of the dress that Jill Stuart gave to Elena. I've tried to get in the net but it's impossible. I will be grateful if you can help me.