Friday, November 9, 2007

Renee Zellweger Interview in Reader's Digest

Renée gave an exclusive interview to Reader's Digest in the November issue.


On Paparazzi:
"I wasn't really into being followed around everywhere by six guys in six SUVs with two-way radios.... I don't want to feed the fishes. I also don't want to be one of those people who are sour about it. So I decided I'd just leave [Los Angeles]."

On nudity in films:
"I don't want the first shot of the movie to be a close-up on my naked breast because what that leads to doesn't have a place in my life. "[Older brother] Drew, Dad, Mom, there's a premiere tonight. You want to come?" I have to keep that in mind. I knew what I didn't want my life to be about, and that's all you can control.

On working with Jerry Seinfeld:
"I had the best time working with him. Talk about looking forward to going to the office. To watch as he's coming up with something, you can see it: Oh, it's brewing, it's happening. Ah, what's it going to be? And then out it spills, and it's brilliant."

On George Clooney:
"You know, we have a lovely relationship. I write him six-page e-mails about my political rage, and he writes back, and cares too."

On Global Warming:
"The global warming stuff is bizarre. What scares me is if it in some way affects the laws of nature as we know them. If the winters are so short, certain critters will do a lot more breeding. Rodents and insects, for example. Mosquito season is twice as long now, and London is fast becoming a tropical holiday destination."

On seeing the glass half-full:
"I don't see the point in the alternative."

For the whole interview, as well as an audio portion, visit Reader's Digest.


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