Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Prescriptives "False Eyelashes Plush Mascara": A Review

From time to time, I get sent makeup samples for review, and I try them for a while before making a judgment. I've worn this mascara daily for over two weeks now and I've nothing but praises to impart:

  • It makes your lashes longer, fuller, and gently curls them all at the same time, without caking or clumping. In fact, you can put on two coats and add a coat later in the day without the mascara looking heavy or crusty.

  • It doesn't start flaking halfway through the day and begin to "snow" into your contact lenses and onto your cheeks and under-eyes. Very important for me as a contact lens wearer.

  • It conditions the lashes — none of that lash breakage that happens with some mascaras. I don't know if they have any studies on this, but I personally feel my lashes look longer now, even when I'm not wearing mascara.

  • It stands up well to the rain and drizzle we've had over the past few weeks — no Bozo the Clown eyes when you get inside.

  • It stands up to crying pretty impressively — I've seen a few sad movies in the past two weeks and tons of commercials (yes, I'm a commercial-crier), and I haven't had mascara running down my face once. A big plus, since I tear up at both sad and happy and everything in between.

  • It washes off really well. I use the Oil of Olay cleansing cloths some nights, Clinique eye makeup remover other nights, and I've had no complaints.

They call it the False Eyelashes Plush Mascara, but I don't think it makes your eyes look like you've got on serious eyelashes in, say, the way the DiorShow mascara can — this makes it look like you've just got naturally beautiful lashes and eyes, without calling attention to your mascara.

Next time you're at a department store, stop by the Prescriptives counter. This really is an excellent product. You can also visit their new Lash Finder to view the various mascaras and get step-by-step tips.

Glam Verdict: Great for an everyday mascara.


Elisabeth said...

Great review - really helpful! Thanks x

Lyndsy said...

Thanks for the review, I have been debating whether to try it or not and now I believe I will do so :)