Monday, November 5, 2007

Glitter and Faux Fur: Gimme Gimme!

Glam Boy has instituted the "don't buy yourself anything before Christmas, in case Santa has already got it for you" rule. What are the chances Santa would know to get me these? Don't you think I could help Santa out, just a little? *G*


Kaye said...

Who knows- maybe Santa absolutely loves you and is going to gift you with the coat (and hopefully a million other things as well)!

WendyB said...

If Santa gets into the game too late, Santa will just have to take his ass back to the store and get something else!

G.G. said...

Kaye - <3 <3

Wendy - LOL, exactly. Do you think Santa got me a clown sweater? (~_~)

Valley Girl said...

Damnit. I need a Glam Boy. And what is this with the clown sweater!!!??? Its still going over my head. =)

G.G. said...

Oh, Wendy B. (*mwah*) posted about a sweater to which I took a violent dislike. I still think I hate that sweater, but Wendy is convinced that, as there is a thin line between love and hate, I'm really just suppressing the truth, which is that I absolutely love it.

Here it is:

Send in the Fabulous Clowns

Valley Girl said...

Ah. It all makes sense now. When I saw you in Philly, she asked me if you were wearing a clown sweater. =)

Anonymous said...