Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Glamour Past: Film Fun Magazine, November 1924

As you doubtless know by now, I'm currently obsessed with the Twenties and Thirties. While the 1940's and 1950's are usually more my cup of tea, this era fascinates me more at present.

Look at how beautiful this painting by Enoch Bolles is! And how the idea of what is sexy has changed. The sensual way the wind is blowing her dress to open the side slit in her dress, to reveal not only her beautiful pink garter, but also the tiniest corner of her bloomers underneath. How suggestive this illustration was for the time!

Take a look at the closeup to see those gorgeous shoes. And how I wish we had more occasion to wear glamorous hats nowadays.

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Photo source: MagazineArt.org


constant_drama said...

Oh Glam Girl, where do you find all these art works and images? I am such a sucker for vintage and the 20es are my absolute favourite!

I am forever convinced that I should have been a flapper...I'm just sayin here.

Elisabeth said...

"And how I wish we had more occasion to wear glamorous hats nowadays"

I second that comment 100%! There were such beautiful hats in eras gone by...

Jack R said...

I actually have a photograph of this original painting. If you'd like to see more Bolles covers and originals, check out my bollesbiggestfan flickr site at:

aiya said...

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