Sunday, November 18, 2007

Glamorate It: Weekly Red Carpet Review

Well, we have movie premieres, Victoria's Secret fashion show arrivals, and of course the AMAs to gaze at:

Jessica Alba, 14 Nov 2007
Awake New York Premiere

I'm a fan of black lace, but something about the neckline/sleeves doesn't work for me — a bit stodgy for my taste. Love the silver glitter Louboutins.

Heidi Klum, 15 Nov 2007
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

I like the ripped details of this one-shoulder dress, but the hair and shoes are a bit tired.

Hayden Panettiere, 15 Nov 2007
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

While I like black and white dresses, I'm going to pronounce that this particular one is so two years ago.

Helen Mirren, 17 Nov 2007
Enchanted Hollywood Premiere

What was she thinking! She looks absolutely awful in this silver lamé top, and screaming pink 1980s pumps? Okay Dame Mirren, time to rethink your look, big time.

Amy Adams & Patrick Dempsey, 17 Nov 2007
Enchanted Hollywood Premiere

Amy Adams looks perfect for promoting a princess movie. And Patrick Dempsey was born to wear evening suits. Fabulous!


Carrie Underwood, 17 Nov 2007
Enchanted Hollywood Premiere

I love this pink ruffle chiffon 1920s flapper dress. Also like the silver sandals with the dress. I don't care for the sideways ponytail — a bit too square-dancing for my taste.

Mary J. Blige, 18 Nov 2007
American Music Awards

While sequins are certainly in, this dress has them on so heavily they make MJ look heavy as well. I'm sorry, this dress is simply tacky and belongs in Dynasty or Dallas circa 1985 than in 2007. Hot sandals though.

Avril Lavigne, 18 Nov 2007
American Music Awards

No no no! A metallic ruched tube dress is perfect if you're standing at Hollywood and Fuller trolling for "clients", but it is beyond vulgar for the red carpet.

Rihanna, 18 Nov 2007
American Music Awards

Black velvet and rhinestone bow dress. On the one hand this dress is weird, and on the other, it is strangely fabulous. I doubt many people could pull this one off, but Rihanna carries it off with panache!

Beyoncé Knowles, 18 Nov 2007
American Music Awards

Beyoncé rarely disappoints in the glamour department. This gold mermaid gown is perhaps a bit low cut, but B works the carpet like nobody's business. Also big props for the multiple diamond bangles. She's out of this world fabulous!

All photos: Getty


WendyB said...

I would most like to try on Rihanna's dress!

UniMoADR said...

not sure about rihanna's, and avril looked pretty good

ChiliLady said...

Beyoncés!!! i don't like her, but her dress is wonderful!

This Lady said...

Rihanna's dress was weird and it doesnt flatter her body. Plus Heidi has gotten so skinny! What happened?

Beyonce has SOOOO overdone the gold dresses. This must be the umpteenth time that I have seen her wear a gold dress. Gold dress, gold hair, gold skin, gold makeup.. too much.

Elisabeth said...
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Elisabeth said...

A definate score for Beyonce in my book, even if she does do gold a bit too often!

But heck, if I could get away with it I know I'd overdo it too!

Katelin said...

Helen Mirren usually looks amazing, her outfit is pretty horrendous! and Rihanna, ummm I don't really have words.

T. Dawn's Day said...

I love how Beyonce has claimed the golden look. The hair, the dress, and her Minx nails...que bella!!

Miss Halfway said...

I normally like the different, sort of strange type of fashion, but I hated Rihanna's dress. Might be better on someone else, but otherwise,,, no.

Beyonce does have good taste, but in my opinion, she tends to have a pattern with what she wears. Not that it's a bad pattern, but I'd like to see her shake it up a bit.

Amy Adams looked positively gorgeous. And although I wasn't crazy about the outfit, Heidi Klum just cannot go wrong in my book. She could arrive in a sweatsuit and she could still look pretty [of course, she's much smarter than to do something like that..].

And Helen Mirren... She may be able to win any film award, but someone get that woman a proper stylist!

And Avril... Girl needs a lot of work before she can be glam.

Anonymous said...

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