Sunday, November 4, 2007

Glamorate It: Weekly Red Carpet Review

It's time to rate this week's celebrity outfits:

Sarah Michelle Gellar, 2 Nov 07
Southland Tales at AFI Fest

Is it just me or does this fabric necklace thing remind anyone of the episode of Project Runway when they had to use up all the fabric, and Uli made a fabric necklace which all the judges hated? Otherwise a pretty dress. Look at the closeup. Has SMG had collagen added to her top lip, or am I hallucinating?

Rachel Weisz, 3 Nov 07
Fred Claus Premiere, Hollywood

I think Rachel Weisz is beautiful and way to go on losing the post-baby weight, but I don't like this Narciso Rodriguez dress on her much. It's a bit domina to wear to a kids' movie premiere, IMHO.

Katie Holmes, 1 Nov 2007
Lions For Lambs at AFI Fest

This dress is gorgeous — black silk Greek Goddess. But here's what I'm wondering... why does Katie Holmes no longer look like herself at all? Compare the way Katie looked in Dawson's Creek and even in Batman Begins in 2005, and you'll see her eyes and face have started looking wickedly different. Is it Scientology, plastic surgery, or age (highly unlikely)?

Kate Winslet, 1 Nov 2007

The dress is perfection. Kate Winslet looks like an Old Hollywood screen goddess. A+

Jennifer Garner, 1 Nov 2007
Cyrano De Bergerac Opening Night

J-Gar looks just beautiful in this white bejewelled deep-V gown. Very 1930s. The hair leaves a bit to be desired, but when you've just performed for over two hours on Broadway, a little leniency can be afforded.

Cate Blanchett, 2 Nov 2007
Elizabeth Press Conference, Sydney

Why does Cate Blanchett turn up to the press junket looking like she's just come from being den-mother at the local boyscout meeting? Pregnancy hormones addled her head? And were there no boots in her closet more beat up than these horrible brown things, to take on the hike with the troops? We all know Queen Cate has superb taste usually. Must chalk this up to temporary insanity.

Rihanna, 4 Nov 2007
World Music Awards, Monaco

Fearless glamour! The dress is very Jean Harlow, the emerald green a beautiful color on her, the hair and makeup exquisite. Bravo!



Lady N said...

I haven't seen SMG in forever - she still looks really good! Totally agree on your description of her dress - that was perfect! I can't really tell about her lips from this picture, though.
And I love Kate's dress! I want that dress.

WendyB said...

I like the Narciso dress a lot but I suppose it is kind of out of place at a kid's movie.

Valley Girl said...

I like the Narcisco dress. Lena from Sex and Ivy recently wore a BCBG dress that looks just like it. It looked darling on her. Check it out: