Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Glamorate It: Red Carpet Review

Time to weigh in on celebrities' red carpet outfit choices once again. If someone has trouble with the star rating widget, lemme know; I'm still not convinced it works right.

Maggie Q, 10 Nov 2007
Lint Roller Party, Los Angeles

I like most of this outfit and this look, with the exception that I think it would have been more elegant, had she worn a bustier instead of a bra under the sheer black lace top. Also, click on pic to see shoes close up. What is with those shoes? I don't like them. What do you think?

Angelina Jolie, 11 Nov 2007
Beowulf London Premiere

Angelina in black leather pants. She is beyond fabulous.

Keri Russell, 11 Nov 2007
August Rush NYC Premiere

I love this 1920s dress — I just don't like it on Keri Russell. While I like the green shoes empirically, I'm not crazy about them with this outfit. The whole shebang just washes her out and makes her look like a World War I widow. Drab, not fab.

Jodie Foster, 11 Nov 2007
"Behind the Camera Awards"

A very classy turn here from Jodie Foster. A streamlined LBD, great makeup, probably the best hair I've seen her sport in years. Not too formal, not too casual for the occasion. Just right. Points to Jodi.

Anne Hathaway, 12 Nov 2007
Chopard Madison Ave Store Opening

Something about the way this whole look is pulled together suggests to me that her stylist had a night off. She's really not curvy nor bombshell enough to pull off this dress in principle. She's a shade too pale for the color, and her makeup looks smudged and the lipstick is all wrong — every fledgling knows you don't wear a warm tone with a cold tone! The bracelet is ill-conceived for the outfit and clashes with the shoes & clutch combo. The whole thing makes me feel fidgety. Not a good show, Anne.

Maggie Gyllenhaal, 12 Nov 2007
Chopard Madison Ave Store Opening

What? WHAT? Everything about this getup is wrong: the dress, the hair, the makeup, the hideous shoes. Can't see the clutch so it might pass. Like the bracelet, but not with this outfit. Looking at this trainwreck, I feel ill. Maggie Gyllenhaal, you're not unfortunate-looking usually — what gives?

Rachel Weisz, 12 Nov 2007
Chopard Madison Ave Store Opening

Rachel Weisz is near perfection here: great dress, lovely crop jacket, makeup and hair perfect, lovely clutch & jewelry. The only thing I would question is the choice of the shoes — a bit too open and summery for the season. A nice peep-toe would have done better. But, fabulous job darling!



WendyB said...

Did you see the Spanish actress Elsa Pataky in a beautiful plum-colored Leger at the Chopard party? I wish my too-short Leger was the same length as hers.

G.G. said...

Wendy - no I didn't, will have to find a pic.

WendyB said...
If I just had two more inches on my Leger! It would be like this one instead of a dress that Adriana from the Sopranos would have worn to a funeral.

G.G. said...

Ooh, I see what you mean! You never did post a full pic of your dress.
*The crowd clamors for more*

WendyB said...

Maybe next time I wear it! Eve is wearing a bandage dress with tights in her Tambourine video. Maybe tights will save me from overexposure. This was a lesson. If one's husband's eyes pop out and he says "You must get this dress!" maybe one should consider not listening to him!

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