Sunday, November 11, 2007

Glam Chick Lit -- How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls

Zoey Dean's How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls is just what the doctor ordered, if you're in the mood for a tasty chick lit book. It's smart and funny, fun and fabulous, sure to please.

Megan Smith has just graduated Yale and moved to New York with dreams of a serious journalistic career. However, when she loses her job at a tabloid for her lack of interest in celebrity nose jobs and the like, she has to face the fact that she has $75,000 in student loans, and few prospects. When she gets offered a job coaching millionaire twins for the SATs, she feels compelled to accept and is flown to Miami, where The Season is about to begin in Palm Beach.

Sage and Rose Baker are the granddaughters of a cosmetics empress. They are rich, spoiled, self-centered, ill-mannered, and have little interest in learning — they seem much more interested in flashing the paparazzi and getting their own reality show than in anything remotely sounding like work. Megan realizes than in order to get them to view her as an equal, she has to play the part. She undergoes a makeover and plays a Main Line socialite, attending the balls and social events of the super-rich of Palm Beach, and plans on writing an exposé upon her return home. But events and personalities begin to play tricks, and soon the teacher realizes she, too, has something to learn.

Throw in high fashion, glitz, parties, human nature, love past and love potential, this book simply sizzles. The perfect confection with which to curl up. Simply yummy!


Kaelyn said...

This Sounds Fantastic!!!!!!!

Clotheshorse said...

That book sounds like a fun read!