Saturday, November 24, 2007

Disney's "Enchanted" Delivers On All Its Promise

Often, when you have high expectations for a movie, you end up disappointed. This is one time when that is not the case. Enchanted is just as good as one could wish — clever, funny, full of heart, and truly magical.

The film covers all fairy tale clichés with wit and sweet self-deprecation and also covers all the standard plot points. The movie leaves no stone unturned; if you know your Disney movies and your fairy tales, you'll recognize bits and pieces all around. Best of all, the movie simultaneously celebrates and pokes gentle fun at all fairy tale films.

Both animation and real-world mis en scene are bang-on. Everything is rich and colorful, charming and whimsical while fully believable, if you've willingly suspended disbelief. The costumes are superb, the makeup work excellent, and both animated and CGI elements work seamlessly with the live-action elements.

But a great script and production team alone wouldn't make this film stellar: the actors could not have been better cast for their roles, or directed with a smoother touch. Amy Adams as Giselle is enchanting — when the little girl in the film says, "Daddy, I think she's a real princess," the audience has no choice but to agree. She is a lovely, deft actor, of whom I hope we'll see much more in the years to come. For those of you wondering about Patrick Dempsey's performance, no fear — if you thought he was a princely catch before, you will leave the theatre more convinced than ever. Everyone in the supporting cast is flawless, and together this accomplished team of players really transports you.

This is obviously not a movie for cynics or people who love cold, hard reality. Curmudgeons and Marsh-wiggles should be left at home to watch the evening news. But if you have the slightest bit of the romantic left in you, of the dreamer, of the little child who loved fairy tales and happy endings, then this movie is the perfect solace for your heart and worth the ticket price many times over.


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Lady N said...

I saw this movie last night - It's a great date movie & family movie. It was really cute and really funny, I laughed out loud in the theater several times! The cast was great!