Saturday, November 10, 2007

Burberry London Quilted Belted Patent Leather Trench Coat in Ruby Red

$2,195 Nordstromicon

Dear Santa:
I've been a very good girl this year; just ask my mom, Glam Boy, my personal trainer, my dog. How's about a little Burberry under the Xmas tree. Pretty please? I promise I'll believe in you unfailingly, and be a very good girl again next year.


P.S. These would go so very nicely with the coat. Just saying, in case:


$1,995 Burberry "Beaton"icon

$560 Burberry Pumpicon



WendyB said...

That's a gorgeous coat.

shoeaddict said...

Me too, Santa! Me too! I was nice, ummm, good, ummmmm, cute this year.

G.G. said...

Wendy - XOXO
ShoeAddict - Oh, I should have added that! I think Santa should give points for cute.

Rusty Wicks said...

Um...I was almost good. Does that count? ;-)

RA said...

thanks for the laugh! and yes, nice coat and accessories.

Valley Girl said...


Shopaholic D said...

*crossing fingers that Santa brings you your goodies this year*

Elisabeth said...


Clutter Chonny said...

I need that coat! And a matching vespa couldn't hurt either....I mean, I did follow almost all of my New Years resolutions from last year (most notably the one that said "no more New Years resolutions.) Please?

Reka said...

Great jacket!! patent leather is really making a comeback even these days in 2011 i'd say. love your post-- we featured your picture in our own online magazine, check it out here