Thursday, November 1, 2007

Afford-a-Glam: Decorating a Bedroom on a Budget

Simply Shabby Chic Chenille Collection
$79.99 Target

Glam Girl Brittany wrote asking for help in decorating her new bedroom. She bought a lovely quilted bed cover at Target and wants suggestions on how to decorate around it. Brittany wrote:

hey glam guide. so i recently found a quilt that i love. i am usually not into quilts at all cause they just remind me of like....countryish. and i'm not country at all. anyhow, i found one i loved. so i got it. now, my problem is i want satin or silk sheets in pink to match. or whatever color that looks best. i also want a pretty bedskirt that does not have to be silk or satin. i was wondering if you could help me find affordable sheets, bedskirt, and anything else to decorate my room with such as pillows or whatever.

I asked Shopaholic D of Shopaholics Anonymous and Lady N of Flair for help, so we could give Brittany three distinct design concepts from which to pick and choose. We decided to stick to affordable stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Kohls, &c., to make sure the end results would be designs within reach. We didn't discuss our designs at all ahead of time. All we had to go on was Brittany's note and picture of her quilt.


$24.99 - $54.99 Simply Shabby Chic Snow White Bedskirt

$99.99 - 129.99 Whispersilk Sheet Set - Rose. Target.

$29.99 Anna Quilted Rose Sham x 2. Target.

$19.99 Fleur-de-Lis Square Pillow. Target.

$19.99 Fleur-de-Lis Bolster Pillow. Target.

$16.99 Brown Silk Toss Pillow

$29.99 Reversible Down Throw - Chocolate. Target.

$20.99 Victoria Hagan Chloe Mirror. Target.


$79.99 Leaves of Green Wall Hanging

$49.99 Curved White Nightstand.

$39.99 Bronze Wrought Iron Table Lamp. Target.


$39.99 Antiqued Copper-Finish Table Lamp

$64.99 Apothecary Jar - Brown Sienna. Target.

$19.99 Potted White Rose Faux Floral. Target.


$24.99 - 54.99 Simply Shabby Chic Pink Bedskirt. Target.

$49.99 Martha Stewart Everyday Sheets in Rosewater. K-Mart.

$175.10 Anna Scott: Wild Pink, Framed in Beach White. AllPosters

$49.99 Curved White Nightstand.

$24.99 Simply Shabby Chic Round Rose Pillow. Target.

$39.88 MIGI Petal Pink Lamp. Wal-Mart.

$39.98 Simple Pink Rug. Wal-Mart.

$39.99 Microfiber Sphere Chair

Additionally, Shopaholic D recommends these for storage:

$15.56 Simply Shabby Chic™ Expanding Wall Hook. Target.

$14.99 6-cube Organizer - Pink. Target.

$21.23 Pink-and-Blue Canvas Bins - Set of 3. Target.


3 Prints by Emily Adams, framed in black, from AllPosters:
#1 "Divine Silhouette"
#2 "Elegance - Rouge"
#3 "Cinema - Glamour"

$14.96 - $29.96 White Battenburg Lace Bedskirt. Wal-Mart.

$15.75 2 Scarlet Satin Pillowcases. Kohl's.

$39.99 360TC Windowpane Sateen Sheets.iconSmartBargains.

$25.99 "If The Shoe Fits" Word Pillow. Target.

$12.99 Spencer Embroidered Gold Tassel Pillow. Kohl's.

$10.80 - 12.00 Spencer Monte Carlo Pillows. Kohl's.

$34.88 Curved Night Stand, Black. Wal-Mart.

$49 Red Retro Desk Phone. Everything Furniture.

$49.54 Glass Ball Lamp with Faux Suede Shade. Wal-Mart.
There are two lamps very similar to this at my T.J.Maxx for even cheaper than this. I'd check your local TJ's first, before buying this.

Decorating is very expensive, especially when you're just starting out. Don't feel like you have to buy everything at once. Buy one piece a month to complete your concept, if that's what it takes. Just make sure you like everything you get, and the price for which you get it. I would recommend checking out your local TJMaxx, Marshalls, ROSS, &c. for bargain finds. Most of all, have fun. The one person you have to please with your room is you :)


Anonymous said...

OMG! i love them all! thank you soooo much! really! i think im going to base my room on the second one. thanks again!

with love,

Anniina said...
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Lady N said...

It was a lot of fun to find cute stuff! Hope you get some good ideas Brittany!

G.G. said...

So happy you found ideas to suit what you like, Brittany :)

glamour girly said...

wow, they all look so great. I love the mirror in the Flair one, the 6-cube organizer in the second and the pictures in GG's. Awesome conglomeration of ideas!

Valley Girl said...

I want those white roses for my office!

Katelin said...

These rooms look amazing. I love the glam one a lot. Amazing.

Shopaholic D said...

GG - these rooms look awesome! that's cool to see how different they all turned out. all unique and all chic. you did an awesome job putting all the photos together - looks great!

:) D

Lady N said...

**nods** Yes - GG you did great putting the photos together! I now want three bedrooms to decorate like that in REAL life!

Alison said...

All very cute rooms! I have to say the last one is my favorite...although my room resembles that of #2 (very girly) Love it!

Rachel said...

I adore the choice of bedskirt for Design #3. As soon as I saw the original bedset, that's exactly the style I knew i would have picked to go with it. Good call.

Anonymous said...

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