Saturday, November 24, 2007

25 Glam Christmas Gifts under $50 (Oops, one is more than $50)

Here are some glamorous gift ideas — clothing, makeup, accessories, books, &c. I didn't notice until at the very end that one of the items snuck in above $50, but I loved it too much to take it off. I hope these are helpful to you as you plan your shopping.

1.  $29.50   Too Faced "Good Girl/Bad Girl" Makeup Kit. Nordstrom. Get iticon
2.  $48  Juicy Couture Evening Shoe Charm. Nordstrom. Get iticon
3.  $48   Velvet Torch Lace Sheath Dress. Nordstrom. Get iticon
4.  $24.90  Limited Edition Faux Fur Teddy Bear. Nordstrom. Get iticon
5.  $48   Nadri Pavé Crystal Ring. Nordstrom. Get iticon
6.  $29  Glamour Girl Marabou Slipper. Frederick's of Hollywood. Get it
7.  $30.95  Love Hot Water Bottle. Wrapables. Get it
8.  $48  Roxy "Hot Chocolate" Sweater Dress. Nordstrom. Get iticon
9.  $45  Blu Royalty Headband. Max & Chloe. Get it
10.  $41.65  14k White Gold Princess-Cut CZ Studs. Macy's. Get it
11.  $15.90  Too Faced Candy Box (9 glosses). Nordstrom. Get it
12.  $12.21  Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style. Amazon. Get it
13.  $26.95  Heated Herbal Lavender Bunny Slippers. Wrapables. Get it
14.  $68.60  Red Croc-Embossed Jewelry Box. Banana Republic. Get it
15.  $48  Frenchi Lantern Sleeve Sweater Dress. Nordstrom. Get it
16.  $28.50  Steve Madden "Flora" Metallic Suede Clutch. Macy's. Get it
17.  $14.93  Kevyn Aucoin: Making Faces. Amazon. Get it
18.  $39.50  Too Faced "Jewelry Box". Nordstrom. Get it
19.  $10.17  Kobal: Hollywood Glamor Portraits. Amazon. Get it
20.  $32 Urban Decay "Urban Cowboy Rides Again". Get iticon
21.  $42 Frenchi Crochet Yoke Velour Dress. Nordstrom. Get iticon
22.  $36 Paul Frank Poplin Pajama Pants. Nordstrom. Get it
23.  $16.99  Just the Right Shoe: 2008 Desk Calendar. Amazon. Get it
24.  $48  Steve Madden Club B-Clutch. Macy's. Get it
25.  $24.99 Diamond Accent Greek Key Earrings. Macy's. Get it

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Clotheshorse said...

That is a great list full of gifts any glam girl would love to get!

- said...

AWESOME STUFF! I will definitely pass this along.

G.G. said...

Tehee, I told Glam Boy that if he's short of ideas, he can check this post for "hints" :P

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

wow. awesome blog.

shoeaddict said...

*sigh* Some of these things already on my list! We are too much.

WendyB said...

Cute stuff.

Elisabeth said...

Oh brilliant! This is just want I needed to get inspiration for my friends! Thanks!


Tre' said...

I adore this list! Everything is so chic, I love it. Thanks for the great post!


fashionistakay said...

ooooh id luv to get my hands on the HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR PORTRAITS book.
p.s.check out my blog sometime!

constant_drama said...

Number 17. Making Faces.

That book kicked ass.

Ginevra M. said...

First, let me say that I'm a new reader, and I absolutely love the blog! I think it really covers all bases, from high end to glam on the cheap. Second, I know you can't include everything fabulous, but if you do a second posting of Glam Gifts Under $50, you MUST include the Sephora Blockbuster kit! I'm lusting over it! For $48, you get over 60 eyeshadows, 40 lipglosses, and 8 blushes, with applicators and mirrors. It's absolutely gorgeous.

G.G. said...

Ginevra thanks! I had somewhow not even seen that - how brilliant! I'm going to make another post (under $100) and I'll include it in that.

Jen said...

Love this blog! Best ideas! One idea I want to share is PosePrints's personalized and under $50 (only $30!) and so fun to make...I'm getting it for lots of the ladies in my life. I do love those Maribou slippers though!!

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