Monday, October 29, 2007

Unique Shoe Week. Day 1: Pure Chocolat "Fergie"


TAG, you're it! I want to play a game this week. Every day this week, post a really weird, cool, unique, or spectacular shoe on your blog. Doesn't have to be a shoe that's still on sale — it could even be a shoe that hasn't been made yet. If many of us do it, it'll be as if we all went to the Museum of the Shoe. Sound like fun? :)


Valley Girl said...

I would actually wear that. Its funny that that's called the "Fergie" because it reminds me of her "Fergalicious" video.

G.G. said...

These shoes are fantastic, but I think I'm just not cool enough to pull them off successfully. I must admit that if I saw someone wearing these I would be pretty envious of their cojones. There's something very "Legally Blonde" about these. Fabulous and over-the-top and... fabulous :)