Thursday, October 18, 2007

UGLY BETTY 10/18 Episode "Grin and Bear It" Chatter

*If you didn't see it yet, don't read on, for fear of spoilers*

Okay, let's pretend we're out for coffee and chat away about Betty.

It irked me that they made Betty a plagiarist. Betty! The world's most honest person, who can't keep a secret, can't gloss the truth, who gets nightmares if she does something bad. I don't think it's consistent with her character in the least, insecurities notwithstanding. Furthermore, when she comes clean / is found out, the professor (played by Victor Garber who played the sleezy lawyer in Legally Blonde) doesn't kick her out of class! What kind of a class is that, where you can heinously steal someone else's work and saying, "I'm sorry," means all's forgiven? Pissed me off. Down with plagiarists! *gets off her soapbox*

I loved what they did with Alexis today. Rebecca Romijn was going to waste as a tough pseudo-Wilhelmina. Seeing her softer, vulnerable, and nurturing sides made her character much more multifaceted. It had to have taken a lot of practice to pretend to not be able to walk in heels — once you've had it down for years, how on earth to play not being able to, convincingly. Kudos to RR. Thought the makeup bit was funny. Loved Amanda's line, "Friends don't let friends wear glitter before noon!" Plus, didn't RR look killer in that gray pencil skirt with the wide belt and blouse? You so know that I'm going to do a "knock it off" for it. Must have it, must!

So how about Wilhelmina and Wanda — "Ugly Willy"! Brilliant. I'm not sure I liked her in that liquid silver dress. I mean, I like her, I like the dress, just together they didn't get. What did you think? Loved her line about life giving her lemonades and her making a lemon martini! Funny how every time you think Wilhelmina is a medusa through and through, she shows some humanity, like when she gave Amanda the list of her possible Studio 54 dad candidates. Do you think it's Warren Beatty??? That would be awesome.

As for little adorable Justin, I feel so bad for him. Trying to be just like his dad, to cope with his loss: making out with a girl on the couch, drinking beer at 14, failing algebra, wearing his dad's much too big leather jacket. Oh Justin, Justin. I seriously <3 that kid.

James Vanderbeek's little turn on Ugly Betty was a disappointment. What a horrible character! Daniel should have decked him, instead of just politely telling him off.

Henry. Did you see that clip for next week, with Henry shirtless on the desk?

Yummy! There is a superman under those accountant clothes after all! *fans self* Way to go Christopher Gorham! *fans self some more*

But now the baby is his after all, and all seems hopeless. Gah. But is he proposing?! I want Henry and Betty to live happily ever after, and I don't want Gio to come in between. And mind you, I love Freddy Rodriguez ("Six Feet Under"), but Gio's character is annoying. He comes back to the show and there's a whole plot line involving Wicked, the musical.

In other Betty News, America Ferrera had to move back home with her folks until she finds a place that is safer — her apartment was stalker heaven. Let's hope she finds a nice new home soon.

So here are the questions:

Photos courtesy of ABC.


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