Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Truth About SEX AND THE CITY Movie Wedding Pictures

It's all over the web — the Sex and the City Movie now being filmed in Manhattan has caused a media and blog frenzy. Every outdoor scene is documented, and the rumors and would-be-spoilers run rampant.

Yesterday, the SATC crew filmed in Saint Patrick's Cathedral, where Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie was dressed in a silk princess wedding gown, with Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda in bright 1980's/early 90's bridesmaid dresses. So what is with these "old-fashioned" clothes we've been seen lately? Is Carrie getting married to Mr. Big?


My inside source tells me that the movie contains several flashbacks — Carrie was in fact getting married to someone else, pre-dating the TV show. Furthermore, he said not to listen to rumors (heheh, aren't we doing that right now?) nor to speculate on the basis of pictures we see — apparently, they are staging several faux scenes to throw off speculators and make sure at least some of the movie's events are still news to us when the movie hits the theaters next May.

Well, that explains a lot about Kim Catrall and Cynthia Nixon's hair in these pics. Leave it to Kristin Davis to look fabulous no matter what she wears.

Here are more pics:

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Valley Girl said...

Thank God! That dress is so Carrie, though, you have to admit. I wonder if its Vivienne Westwood?

Lady N said...

When I heard about the wedding scene, I knew it just couldn't be true! I'm soooo glad its just a rumor!

The Stiletto Effect said...

Oh she's not marrying Mr. Big? :( but I do like the dress and I also think its Carrie's style hehe

Big Kiss