Saturday, October 6, 2007

More Gossip Girl How-To's: Blair's "Poison Ivy" Look

Glam Gals, thanks for the emails asking for more Blair Waldorf "Dress for Less" posts. I'll keep making them as opportunity permits. Of the girls in the show, Blair's clothes are the hardest to do on a budget, but while we won't get identical looks, we can do "Blair-inspired."

Here is the first outfit in Episode 3, "Poison Ivy":

Blair is wearing a white ruffled shirt with long ruffled sleeves, a navy blue satin wrap skirt, red tights, a navy scarf with a bow brooch, and a white patent headband.

How to get a similar look:

$39.99  Ruffled Cotton Blouse.  La Redoute.
$39.50  Back Pleat Skirt in Navy.  Victoria's Secret.  ->  Shop it
$6.50  Tilt White Patent Headband.  Amazon.  ->  Shop it
$23.99  Pugster Floral Bow Brooch.  Amazon.  ->  Shop it
$20.00  Newport Silk Scarf.  Amazon.  ->  Shop it
$8.75  HUE Apple Red Opaque Tights.  Amazon.  ->  Shop it
$26.99  Adi Designs "Glaze"
Twin Strap Faux Patent.  ->  Shop iticon

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All screencaps straight off the CW show Gossip Girl.

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froydis said...

this is amazing! do you think you could do a post on Serena's style as well? Blair is just a little too over the top for me.
Thanks =)

G.G. said...

Hi Froydis, sure!

Anonymous said...

hi, I was wondering if you could do something on Blair's ruby red ring she wore in one of the episdoes? I think it was the 2nd one? I Love it and cant find anything similar. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...


It`s the poison ivy bag.

I have the linea pelle sierra bag and it is NOT that one.

Anonymous said...

I love Blair's style
Keep these knockoffs coming!!

Anonymous said...

i love the clothes on gossip girl, and i was wondering if you could find where to get blair's sweater (or whole outfit!) at the end of poison ivy. thanks! -abby

Michelle said...

Okay I absolutely love blair and her style but I have to say one of my favorite dresses is the yellow Valentino dress Serena wore to the costume ball with the black bow tie.

Wendy said...

I would LOVE to find something similar to Blair's green shirt dress from the episode Bad News Blair.

Anonymous said...

i think that whole "Blair's clothes are the hardest to do on a budget" thing was the whole point of Blairs outfits...for the rich only.

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