Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Milo Ventimiglia Photo Spread in "Best Life" Magazine

Yes, I admit, I am crazy for Heroes' Milo Ventimiglia. While I have nothing against pictures of Milo and Hayden Panettiere "not dating", it sure is nice to have him solo. Here are pictures of Milo's spread for the October 2007 Best Life Magazine:

Milo wearing D & G, Gucci, Pringle of Scotland, &c. Of his own style, Milo says in the brief article, "I know what I like, and I only invest in items I'll still be able to wear in five or ten years." Sound advice.

All photos from Gilmore Girls News.
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the return of anonymous said...

he really does get better looking with each passing episode.

Valley Girl said...

That's easier for guys than it is for women.

Is he really dating Hayden? Isn't he, like, 30?

the return of anonymous said...

12 years difference between them

G.G. said...

See my post on the subject.