Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Mary Me, Manolo Blahnik! I mean, Mary Jane me?

One of the hottest shoe trends this Fall is the Mary Jane Pump, and it comes in seemingly infinite variations. Before bringing you the giant post of Mary Janes, here are a few Manolos:

If the Fairy Shoemother were to fly through your window at night and leave one of these pairs by your bedside, which pair would you pick?

All pics from and links to Neiman Marcus

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Lady N said...

Now I want to go out and buy some new shoes!

G.G. said...

Owee, sorry! Well, wait for the "GLAM post" (Giant Luscious & Affordable Mary Jane post). Some real killers coming up in that!

Valley Girl said...

You're killing me with these posts, g.g.

G.G. said...

LOL! I'm killing me too!