Monday, October 15, 2007

Keira Knightley on the set of "The Duchess" at NMM

I am in thrall to the costumes and wigs in the film The Duchess, starring Keira Knightley and currently filming in England. This weekend the cast and crew were filming in Greenwich (just SE of London) at the National Maritime Museum (which is a fabulous place to visit next time you're in London). I must say I preferred the light blue creation she wore in the last set of pics, but champagne silk isn't any too shabby either. And what delightful anachronism to see the Duchess both in a horse-drawn carriage and a horseless carriage, and with a script and plastic bottle to hand. Very "Dr. Who" in a way :P

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Keira Knightley on the Set of The Duchess

Photo Source: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin

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Kaye said...

wow! The sheer volume, size and beauty of those costumes is like Marie Antoinette all over again! Bella! Sometimes I fancy that it would be grand and completely decadent to have lived in those times (if not for that horrible chaperone business that it =D)

Lady N said...

I love the dresses from this era!

Chus said...

The Duchess: new film of Keira Knightley