Monday, October 1, 2007

Harry Potter Wins the House Cup at National Movie Awards in London

The Harry Potter cast proved ever popular at the National Movie Awards in London on Friday, September 28, 2007. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix won for "Best Family Film", and Dan Radcliffe and Emma Watson took home prizes for best actor and actress, respectively. At first it seems surprising, since Emma Watson was against the British leading lady heavyweights Dame Judi Dench and Dame Helen Mirren — but it all becomes clear when you hear that the voting was public by moviegoers, over the internet and in forms at UK movie theaters. Let's do a bit of voting of our own here, on the outfits:

Emma Watson

Mischa Barton

Dame Judi Dench

Dame Helen Mirren

Here's my rundown:
1) I think Emma Watson's shirtdress is too casual, she should have brushed her hair, and she really needs to start wearing lipstick with some color in it.
2) Mischa Barton's dress has potential but, as it is, it just hangs on her. Either it is too big for her, or simply a bad shape. And what is with the granny hair?
3) Dame Judi Dench's haircut is brilliant for her. She is elegant, but why so very big and black. It's not Halloween yet. She would have looked much better in, say, a jeweltone.
4) Helen Mirren I think does everything right here for the event, her body, and her age. Very classy.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your assessment. Emma's shirt dress is awful.
The gray dress just hangs.
Dame Judi's dress is huge.
Helen's dress is stunning. She always looks amazing.

Seraphine said...

I think they all look wonderful, but Helen Mirren gets my vote.

Lady N said...

agreed! Mischa does not look like herself, she looks like a grandma. Helen always looks so fabulous. I hope I look like that when I'm her age!