Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gossip Girl: Serena's "Poison Ivy" Look for Less

Can't even tell you how many requests I've had for this outfit; especially the over-the-knee suede "Strate" boots ($99 Chinese Laundry. --> *25% off sale coupon*). Serena is wearing the Magaschoni Cashmere Shawl Collared Vest ($252 at Gallery Couture) and an LP Sierra bag ($156 at Linea Pelle). Here is how to get a similar look for less:

Gray Sweater Vest
$29.99 La Redoute

White V-Neck Tee
$12.99 La Redoute

Rank Plaid Skirt
$32 Hot Topic

Tall Velvet Boots
$49.99 La Redoute

Urban Expressions
Medium Studded Satchel
$54 eBags

Jay Strongwater "Keeley"
Songbirds Stick Pin
$90 Neiman Marcus

I didn't pick a tie, because nearly every single store sells them :P

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Valley Girl said...

Did I miss a new episode?

G.G. said...

Nope, this was in last Wednesday's episode, "Poison Ivy" - just takes a while to put these together :)

Jessica said...

Do you know who makes the brown and cream dress Serena wore to the Ivies party? I'm dying for it, but can't find any posts about it!

Anonymous said...

The more I look at the episode I am not sure that the bag is linea pelle. It doesn`t look like any of the bags I have seen there.
It has a lot more studs, is slimmer and no pockets on the outside.
Do you have any other idea?

G.G. said...

Jessica, no I'm sorry I haven't found that.

Anonymous - I think you're right. I can't find a good closeup of it, and it's so hard to see on the screen. I think it might be the DKNY Flap Bag in the Studded Bags post.

Anonymous said...

Hi again.
It`s a very good closeup at:

Let me know what kind of bag you think it might be.

victoria said...

Hi please as soon as you know were can I buy the the brown and cream dress serena wore to the Ivy party let me know....and also were can I find the white coat and short she is wearing in the first episode when she is drinking martinis at the hotel with blair thanks!!

Anonymous said...

their actual school skirts are

i'm so about to rock one of those. hahh