Sunday, October 21, 2007

Glamorate It: Weekly Red Carpet Review

I think we should do this every week from now on — our own review of what the stars wore on the red carpet around the world. I'm trying something new: a star rating system. Just give each star stars according to their deserts. The counter will display the average of what people thought. As usual with images, clickety to make biggety.

Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush
at Rome Film Festival Oct 19, 2007

Queen Cate amazes with yet another fabulous couture gown. Poised and elegant as usual, I only would have wished her hair was less "I'm off to the park with the kids."


Jennifer Connelly & Paul Bettany
at "Reservation Road" premiere in LA Oct 18, 2007

No, no, no. I hate the dress, I hate the shoes — and together the outfit makes me want to wash my eyes out with bleach. Fashion Police!!! Paul, how could you let her walk out the door like that?


Kate Bosworth
at Fendi Great Wall of China Oct 19, 2007

When I saw this coat last spring on the runway, I thought nobody could pull it off without looking like the Yeti — it is staggering that Kate comes off looking fantastic! Doesn't hurt that the locale is perfect, not too far from the home of the abominable snowman.


Reese Witherspoon
at the Rome Film Festival Oct 21, 2007

Superb. Though the wind whipped her hair a bit, her makeup, dress, shoes, perfect.


Thandie Newton
at Fendi Great Wall of China Oct 19, 2007

The dress is lovely, in a Grace Kelly way, and the canary yellow is beautiful on Thandie. I don't, however, like the cat eye: it makes her look like Diana Ross circa 1977. And while Louboutin is always Louboutin, there would have been several hundred better shoe choices for this dress.


Uma Thurman
at Swarovski Fashion Rocks Oct 18, 2007

While the dress is gorgeous, Uma should have listened to Tim Gunn's advice on "foundation garments" — showing one's nipples is vulgar in the first place; in the second, they could have helped with the sagging issue.



Lady N said...

Kate's jacket is gorgeous! She looks so good, and I love Thandie's dress too!

Anonymous said...

Kate looks like a hooker on a street corner in Alaska. there is nothing cute or fabu about that much dead animal on anyone.