Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Get Jennifer Garner's Letterman Dress Lookalike

I've been, simply put, obsessed to find that emerald green dress that Jennifer Garner wore to the Late Show with David Letterman a week ago. I haven't found the "original", but today as I was browsing Banana Republic, I found a dress that is similar, and they have it in every size still! Need I tell you I let out a most undignified, bona fide SQUEE! I know, I know, but I couldn't help it. Love at first sight.




The color is brilliant on most skin tones, and jewel tone dresses are one of the Fall 2007 trends. It is a rich silk satin, so it couldn't be more perfect. It also comes in Petite and Tall, so everyone can join in! The style of the dress lends itself to many occasions — I'm going to wear this instead of my closetful of LBDs to many things this fall. And, unless I fall in love with something else before then, I'm going to wear it for Christmas. I know, I'm the only person who thinks 2.5 months ahead about what to wear, but hey, that's me :P

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