Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Debra Messing as The Starter Wife Every Week!

The chick flick lover in me is letting out very unladylike whoops right now! USA Network is going to turn the miniseries into a weekly show! They've greenlit 10 one-hour episodes so far, which are scheduled to start shooting in March for a June run.

"In part, it was the general commercial success, and in part it was the pleasant surprise of all the Emmy nominations," said USA programming executive Jeff Wachtel. "But more than anything else, it was the creative team. They really had a great language with each other and wanted to work together again." Mhmm, right. I think it was the greenbacks, plain and simple. But whatever the reason, I'm glad it's returning.

Debra Messing will star again, as well as co-produce. No word yet on plot developments, or whether Judy Davis and Miranda Otto will be returning as well. Still, so excited!

Wachtel quote from Variety.
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Holly Ann said...

haha. i have a few different patterns...ill upload them later. youre more than welcome to use one.

and i LOVE the starter wife!! im uber excited about this news.

G.G. said...

Glam Gals, the patterns Holly Ann is talking about are for a MARILYN PUMPKIN! How cool is that! Check out her blog for the awesome MM pumpkin :)

glamour girly said...

i want Debra Messing's hair - it is always so beautiful!