Sunday, October 28, 2007

Coincidence? A.B.S. Channels Cameron's Valentino 2007 Oscar Gown

Valentino Couture
$378 A.B.S.icon

Yes, we're talking about the designers' copyright again (see earlier post). I think this can be said to be a clear case of KNOCK-OFF! Not the first time Allen B. Schwarz has been cited for knocking off Oscar dresses. I'm thinking things will change once the Design Piracy Prohibition Act takes effect.

Mr. Schwarz had this to say in March of last year: "That is the most ridiculous thing. There is no such thing as an original design. All these designers are getting their inspiration from things that were done before. To me a spaghetti strap is a spaghetti strap, and a cowl neck is a cowl neck."

I think we could say that this is more than a case of spaghetti-strap envy. What do you think of this?

Quote source: NY Times March 30, 2006.
Photo sources: White Valentino on Cameron Diaz, InStyle; ABS at Nordstrom.

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Vik said...

I like the original better. Let him show everyone he can't rip off a dress properly.

WendyB said...

ABS has built its whole business on openly knocking off Oscar dresses. He's been very overt about it. But it's ridiculous to look at this and say "A white dress is a white dress." He's obviously making his whole living off the ideas of other people. He was actually such a leader in knockoffs that I bet he's pissed that H&M and Topshop are following in his path! He probably feels knocked off by them but doesn't dare say it!