Wednesday, October 3, 2007

BRAVO, Top Chef Hung!!!

Wow, that was intense. Casey, who had been my favorite for the past few weeks, slipped under pressure, and it was obvious it was between Dale and Hung. Both wonderful chefs, it might have came down to one of Dale's dishes (the lobster dish) being miserable, and that his "surprise" dish was 50/50 between him and CJ (who was my favorite until he got let go a few weeks ago). Also, all of the chefs agreed Hung's duck was exquisite, one chef even going so far as to call it "Michelin 3 Star." Hung won $100,000 and endless opportunities. I think all of the guys in the Top 3 will show us something yet!

Congratulations, Hung!


the return of anonymous said...

the best part of the show? seeing rocco.

he looks so tasty now.. i havent seen him since the 2nd season of the restaurant.

he definitely pulled an aiden.

G.G. said...

Heheh, can't wait for his new show to start!

The1Opinion said...

Congrats to Hung !

The1Opinion said...
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